Wicked Songs: Also Sprach The King Of Euro-Disco by Ed Kuepper

OK, second post now and the very first track in my Wicked Songs posts because they’re all going to be well, wicked songs. First has to be from Ed Kuepper. If I was to pick only one song from Tales from the Australian Underground, well one song to start with it would have to be this one. It’s actually from his second solo album called Rooms Of The Magnificent and was also released as a the 7″ single in 1986. It came with a very Aussie looking video clip which is on YouTube now that does seems to be taken from the Aussie late night TV show called Rage. This is where I would have first heard this track too, I wonder if it was the same night who ever upload it to YouTube. I would video tape hours and hours of that show and re-watch to find the songs I love, then edit into one long visual mixtape, I got only a few VHS’s left now but I did have hundred and something at one point.

I love the way Ed Kuepper sings, he’s like no one else, it’s so individual, can you name anyone else who sings like this? I have hear some people say he can’t sing but they are really just silly idiots that can’t see what he’s doing, his own way and he’s not like every other singer out there. The music from this track in the Australian Underground liner notes called it spaghetti western which is nothing new musically but it’s a perfect match, horns and mouth harp are brilliant too. I totally love the lyrics too, so great plus I have to say the title of the song when it first came up on the screen it was like what the hell does that mean? The beat is great too it just pumps along the track, drums are played by Mark Dawson who goes on join Kuepper on alot of his solo albums. It was a big indie hit at the time in the mid-80’s but I didn’t know until a bit later.

I don’t know when I discovered Rage, I would have to be as a teenage I guess. That was really the only place I could find new music at the time, you see I was growing up in a small country town in Western Australia, before the internet, before triple J when national and/or outside major cites. Most people there were bogans, surfers and everyone just listen to the really bad boring mainstream radio station and was only one of them. I found Pink Floyd in my parents albums and I just listen to them on repeat for a long time, found some other Floyd stuff at friends houses and tape them but maybe I’ll write about that later. I’m just pointing out the less than bleak music times, I did have a tape deck in my room at a early stage because no else really wanted to listen the same Floyd album again and again and again. I got the old family TV in my room at some stage because I didn’t sleep much so having something on did help but then I found Rage and I had to get a video recording then because it be only way to listen again to alot of those songs that I fell in love with. In the small town was one music shop then it closed down and other one did open later but in was more a surf shop that had some music in it at one side. Anyway I think you get the picture now so discovering different kind of music was very hard but such a relief at the time for me because it means something else was out there in the world. I still always seem to do that since then, you know looking or finding something different, is there some kind of right word for that? I don’t know maybe I will continue to explore this in future posts.

Anyway if you don’t but you should know that Ed Kuepper was from the Aussie punk band The Saints from 1974 to 1978 and then left and started post-punk band Laughing Clowns from 1979 to 1985 then his first solo was Electrical Storm in 1985, then he almost put out album a year right up to 2000, something like 15 albums but then things have show down in the 2000’s but he did release the great Jean Lee and the Yellow Dog album in 2007 which I will have to included in my Classic Albums posts at some stage, I’ve only done one so far. He did the soundtrack to the Aussie film Last Cab to Darwin this year and be touring successfully, the last two times I’ve seen him live has been his request shows which was great fun night out, last one he didn’t even have a support act he just played for over two hours and then talked to the crowd after the gig. He’s such a gentleman really, you know? Well I’m going to finish off with that video for this song and the lyrics below, if you want to sing along but I bet you can’t sing as great as Ed can!

Also Sprach The King Of Euro-Disco lryics by Ed Kuepper:

If you please dear madam
Read this book
I read it years ago
So take a look and follow
It was our first night
You were dressed in black
You had just left home
And you lay there
On my pillow
And you’re still winding windows
While I follow
And you’re still winding windows
While I follow

Well I bought a ribbon to tie your hair
We were almost there
When the sun shone thru your window
It was our first night
You were dressed in black
You had just left home
And you lay there on my pillow
And you’re still winding windows
While I follow
And you’re still winding windows
While I follow


Do you, dear readers have a fave Ed Kuepper song/s? What is it?


4 thoughts on “Wicked Songs: Also Sprach The King Of Euro-Disco by Ed Kuepper

  1. My favourite? This one 🙂 This one, closely followed by Sleepyhead. Getting “also sprach” tattooed on my wrist this week. You’re right, Ed’s recent liive shows have been just brilliant, can’t wait for Melbourne in January.

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