Cover Versions: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ The Weeping Song by Sun Kil Moon

Oh man I love a great cover and this one is a dream come true, Sun Kil Moon aka Mark Kozelek formality of the totally wicked 90’s band called Red House Painters doing the now classic song by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds which originally was sung as a duet with Blixa Bargeld of Einstürzende Neubauten which was like a wet dream at the time of release. I could write a post about that too maybe that would be a good to follow this one with. It’s one of the best covers of his tracks, if not the best now? I’ll post the other good ones here sooner or later, hopefully. It’s really been quiet a year for Nick Cave and his family but this track is a totally beautiful tribute to Arthur Cave. The lyrics really do take on new meaning now, it’s been totally slow down in tempo too, it’s a live recording below but I do hope he records it in a studio at some stage because it’s so great.

Sun Kil Moon has a new album out early next year and the one of last tracks called Exodus seem to be another tribute to them in a very Mark Kozelek way. He’s had some heat from the press etc in the last 12 months or so but for me he can do no wrong, he’s a true and real artist and artists are just like that! Don’t everyone know that by now? Plus he seems to push the envelope when it come to that kind off thing and maybe even enjoys it now also I enjoy it too, it’s all very entertaining. This song has been posted everywhere on the internet in the last few months but I have to put it here because it a kind-off my collection of stuff I love.


Here’s my two cents: We now known about the LSD before his fall which has been said or pointed out that the father is a former junkie but I would say to everyone Nick Cave himself very, very, very lucky to be alive now, I’ve read some about of his OD’s and they were far of pretty little things and I’ll just say that word again now: lucky. You can’t blame him really anyway, all teenagers just play around with drugs some way or another. It’s just in this case his dad is famous and off course a near by cliff face was involved too.

It was a very wonderful scene to watch in that movie 20,000 Days from last year, Such a loving father and sons moment eating pizza, it’s funny they’re are watching Scarface too. It’s wasn’t said much in the press that he’s was a twin and his brother Earl is who I feel for the most. But once again back to Nick, he’s really going to have the spotlight shined on him hard when he release his next album, whenever that’s going to be, I know he was working on it at the time it was only the writing stage but even so I’ll be surprise if anything is released next year by Cave. My guess he’ll make his “comeback” in 2017 which is year he turns 60 too but I could be wrong. Anyway here’s that wicked cover version, enjoy!


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