Playlist: The Drones Europe Tour 2015

Right I wasn’t at any of these shows but I do wish I was at all of them! Anyway the 2015 Europe tour is now all over for another year which seems it’s going to be a yearly annual event for them, they did one last year which was the first one for a little while and now they have posted to facebook see you next year!

I love this band so much I’ve be following the shows via uploads to YouTube and now have made a playlist so might as well included here on my newish thingy here. I’ve seen them twice this year, Sydney Opera House show for Vivid Fest and a bit later at The Rosemount  Hotel in Perth plus saw Gaz play three times solo @ NGV Friday Nights and both the Patti Smith’s Horses shows in Melbourne. They have recorded a new album this year but it’s not going to be out until next year but reissues of the earliest two albums was put out this year with the rest of the albums to be reissued sometime soon too, maybe next year.


 I was going to included all the video clips I can find but it’s just the best ones, you know? It’s got to be the whole songs, I hate it when a track is half missing or something like that. It’s got to be at least good or OK sound too. I have to say something about YouTube before continue finding say The Drones is shit on it because all the other crap comes up when you type in The Drones. It’s a bit hard to find them or well it’s not easy so I just had to make this play list because it’s a pain in the ass finding this stuff, I wish they had music filter in the search thingy. It now seems real drones are following sharks around Australia so that’s just three key words you could use to seach this band now come up will endless news stories about well… plus a shit popular English band called there new album drones too this year. Anyway I really have totally agree with what Thom Yorke was saying earlier today but when it comes to live versions of The Drones songs I just have too, this thingy here is most likely just turn into a bit of an achieves of The Drones soon or later. My guess is that I’ve end up writing about them the most out of everything in the whole while world.

So the tracklisting of this playlist below: it’s got a couple of versions of Shark Fin Blues and Baby Squared each so start off with is both of those tracks, a happy birthday celebration version of Shark Fin Blues then Baby Squared which I love the way they’re playing middle bit now, then one of new songs which I think is called Private Execution which I’ve already heard twice live, the next clip has two songs in one which is the new single called Taman Shud and then The Minotaur, Then we have great version of there cover of Kev Carmody‘s River Of Tears which always seems to be a closer for the shows at the moment but I can put it a different place here, then is an unbelievably great version of I See Seaweed, what happens next is a solo Gaz version of I Don’t Ever Want To Change which is totally different the album version because well it’s just him and not the full band but it’s pretty wicked, back to Baby and Shark which could have included a few more versions of those songs because that’s the most filmed or uploaded to YouTube but these four I like the best and to finish it all off is an interview with Dan and Gaz which takes place in the middle of an construction site for some reason.

I should have maybe taken note of what was played where but I guess it was all in Europe and it’s under of the title clips and dates too. I never video record myself or even just taken photos at gigs, I want to experience it and not looking thought something all night but I do thank you all that do so I can watch some of a tour that takes place on the other side of the world. Below are the highlights after crawling through pages of rubbish but it’s all in one spot now, it’s only 10 songs and 11 clips but if any other good clips do turns up I’ll add it on the end, OK? The cool top/middle image is one nicked from The Drones facebook. Happy viewing!


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