Cover Versions: The Drones’ Your Acting’s Like The End Of The World by Rosie Boring

Right I found this on YouTube the other day while doing something else but I just have to post it here. It’s such a cute and sweet cover version mainly because it’s played on an ukulele, everything is like that once it’s played on one. My Dad go a ukulele recently and no matter want he plays it just makes you smile. Rosie Boring seems to do that and do it really well, after checking out her other stuff out but this one is still my fav mainly because it’s well The Drones. I do think more of The Drones tracks need to be covered by other artists too, I’ll have to dig out the other ones and post them all here sooner or later but this is a great one to start with. I see why Rosie would pick this track and not her personal favorite song to do on the ukulele because it’s mostly likely the most upbeat Drones song ever.


One word they keep using to describe the new album is groovy so we might get something a little different again with this coming new one but each record seems to change and move on from the one before it, you can dance to the whole new album, I would love to see/hear dance remixes too. Now that would be cool, they do have other songs that would fit in that like the first couple of tracks on Havilah, the middle song on Gala Mill, would the first two on Wait Long album count too? Anyway this track original was the last song on that Havilah album, played with just acoustic guitars it was a great way to finish off that album and lead into his solo album, Strange Tourist by Gareth Liddiard. She says she murder it on her Twitter but I think she does a great job and that’s why I’m post it here, enjoy!

Your Acting’s Like the End Of The World lyrics

I feel like a mime losing his job
But i’m just not sure, i’m just not sure
It’s like i’m facing down the wrath of God
But i know i ain’t, i know i’m not
I’ve made all kinds of weird plans
That can’t succeed, won’t ever be
And i spend half my time feeling odd
But what do i know

I feel like a canary who’s living underground
Singing through the gas
Still worried about my first big night
As the curtains fall, the roof collapses
Your acting’s like the end of the world

And i see rows and rows of fresh ditches
What are they for? it don’t make no sense
I need a palindrome to keep witches
And get rolling stoned and drop my defences
All this doom and gloom has got to me
It’s taken me to lunch
I’m trying hard not to forget you
I can’t take another punch

I get nostalgic thinking about you
Made me laugh until i cried
You were useful in a crisis
But it’s harder now to lie

Your acting’s like the end of the world

I ain’t here to say i’m sorry
It wouldn’t help you if i did
Your pain was just too great to bear
And i was just a kid
Well it would seem you’re on your own now man
You’re sitting at the breakfast table in a shirt
You’ve joined the chorus line of all those useless things
And wandering all the long while if you’ll stay inert
If you’ll stay alert

You should move out to the country man
And look after your health
These cities show you to your seat
And then they make you eat yourself

Your acting’s like the end of the world

When she left she took much less of me than you
But what am i meant to do?
I try most nights to get you out of my mind
But you’re still there silent by my side most the time
I can’t help that i let you down
It’s too long and too late
And i can’t help if i broke your heart
It’s too long and too late


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