Live Gigs: My Disco @ Rosie’s & Mojo’s

Right, I can’t write about all the gigs I go to or can I? I don’t know but I’ve been waiting for these shows for a while now so have to put something here on my thingy to remember these shows. My Disco did two nights this weekend almost gone, in middle of December at the end of this year 2015. After releasing the new album month or two ago, Severe. I finally got my copy, been listening online to it for a while now but need my own copy. I got the t-shirt too because this album could be the best one so far and they do such a killer show too. It’s been a while between drinks for these guys, five years have gone by since the last album. They have been doing other project which I don’t know nothing about but might have to look into it now.

The new album could be, might just be better than all the past work. After the debut album was released in mid-2000’s two more follow with only a year in-between each. I would rate and say those three albums are some of the best albums from the 2000’s, recommend them to anyone who needs something a bit different in there music, the first album was called Cancer in 2006 then second album was called  Paradise and then third album called Little Joy in 2010.

The last time I seen them was in 2013 in Melbourne at the ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror festival, I’m writing something at the moment about that gig but that is already very long and not finished yet. At Mojo’s they had a crazy interview before the show and was saying they been over west maybe three to five times, no one knew really knew the right number but this is the first time for me seeing them here in the west. I total missed those early tours, I guess I only really heavily got into them after seeing them at that show over east in 2013 and that was three years after the last album was put out. So a I’m a little late to the party or disco but kind-off made up for it this weekend. Both Western Australian shows, one I can just walk down the road to and the other is about a 45 minute drive down south.


The Rosemount Hotel or Rosie’s for short, there was three support band tonight we had an old Perth band I haven’t seen in a while The Tigers, then two Metal bands but I think I like The Tigers the best, even played one of my old fave songs by them too. My Disco was playing the just new album start to finish and nothing old or encore or anything else. They’re very much like that: we are doing this and that’s it, full-stop. The two nights were very different indeed. So it was very dark vibe at Rosie’s, no smiling or anything like that! Maybe it was the metal bands before but maybe just the lighting of the venues, everyone was wearing alot black too plus the band was too. The backdrop was amazing the new album cover was moving with the drummer hitting his kit, it was like turn into this computer animated that was a living beating thing. Could have been more people at the show but I guess it was huge crowd because at Mojo’s is was just so sparse, it’s so disappointing people don’t go to gigs anymore. Live music is so great to watch and to hear, oh my god My Disco are so very loud, it seem like every time I turn around to look at the crowd everyone was putting more ear plugs in.

Mojo’s was so different to the night before, that’s Freo and everyone seems to be a hippie/feral type. The both supports were electronic acts first one was having a few problems which lasted the whole time and not really working and the next seem to go fine but a bit to the same, could have played the same song ten time for the set. There was a odd interview with My Disco before all this and the guitar player was on crutches now, god know what happen in the last 24 hours but foot was sticking out weirdly wrong, the interviewers didn’t say anything about it at all which would be the first thing I would ask but might be like don’t ask, OK? So when he start to play the show he couldn’t use his crutches anymore and he has a lot of foot pedals to say the least but he hopped around, knelt down a lot and stand on one good leg put the bad one on the fold back amp but didn’t fall over once.

It seem the backdrop didn’t have anywhere to hang and then it didn’t even work at all or didn’t move once. Mojo’s does seem to have a lot sound and tech problems everytime I go, is it like that all the time or just the nights I go? The sound guy has flip-flops on his feet, clothes about three sizes to big for him, everyone have baseball hats on and beards, everyone got a fucking beard now. Maybe shouldn’t be such a cunt and bitch about people if they what to look like they’re all homeless or something. All stand around like they’re stoned out of there heads because well they’re I guess, don’t move a muscle must be the saying around here. Anyway the first night better I guess, bigger crowd for them, really go into the music so much more well us up the front anyway, once it really go going we all got into it up the front. Even cheer them on, it was like no one even clapped at Mojo’s until the band walked off stage at the end of the night. It’s a shame W.A. crowds don’t show up to touring bands like these and the few that do stand around looking so bored while they play. You know My Disco have so much life and do put on such a great show too, Asia and then New Zealand is next on the tour dates so go and check them out but in the meantime press play and listen to the new album right now!

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