Playlist: 2 Newish Ones by My Disco

I have re-post these two newish playlists, one a spotify playlist and the other is on soundcloud but oh my god they’re are really so wicked!


 I’ve been listening to them a lot in the last month so I just have to put them both here on my thingy, I’ll link where they are on the internet but they’re here now together to make it easy for me so the first one can be found here and second one here or here. My Disco have the greatest taste in music, they just did an Aussie TV show could Rage a few weekends ago too, picked all the video clips all-night long so might have to make that into a YouTube playlist soon too. I’ve been looking up all the artists on these mixtapes so I might as well included some links in the tracklistings below too, you know it does make it easier to find them again.

love a great mixtape, I do have a box of them which I want to go though, you know? The old cassette tapes plus have I burned CD-r’s everywhere. I might have to write about them here at sometime more, OK? But seems I’ve just now writing about seeing these guys live this weekend in my next post so I’ll keep this one short. So just press play and enjoy 🙂

Tracklisting: 1. Anne-James Chaton With Alva Noto And Andy Moor –  Chapitre VI: On Stage 2. John Carpenter  – Night 3. Scott Walker – Pilgrim 4. Emptyset – Order 5. Mark Ayres – Terminator 2: Judgment Day Theme 6. Round Two  – New Day (Club Vocal Mix) featuring Andy Caine 7. Lustmord – Y Gair 8. The Body – Alone All The Way 9. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore ‎- Im Rauch 10. Lorenzo Senni – XMonsterX 11. The Haxan Cloak – Consumed

Tracklisting: 1. Robert Aik, Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma – Mille Voix 2.International Harvester – I Villande Skogen 3. Alessandro Cortini – La Via 4. Tashi Dorji – Attain 5. Arash Moori – Heterodyne 6. Lustmord – Y Gair 7. Julia Kent – Lac Des Arcs 8. Stephen O’Malley – L’étang 9. Arash Moori – Heterodyne II 10. Abul Mogard – Half Light of Dawn



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