Cover Versions: David Bowie’s Life On Mars? by Sarah Blasko

Well, it been a little while in between posts since last month but yesterday I got back into it and I now have to included this in my Cover Version posts. Sarah Blasko doing David Bowie early today on triple j radio, if you were to get an Aussie to cover Bowie and few days after his passing Sarah is the best choice, good work j’s.

I total love Blasko and she done some wicked covers in the past but this one could or has topped them all. Done two triple j’s Like A Version before which was Elton John and Outkast also done a few Aussie legends cuts too like Crowded House, Cold Chisel, The Go-Betweens plus the unknown but just as great Maurice Frawley and not to forget her movie musicals that she did as a bonus disc on one of her now old albums but have I forget anything? But anyway Blasko’s Life On Mars? is without a doubt is her best cover ever!


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