Shall Be Released: Feelin Kinda Free by The Drones

Right, finally we have a release date March 18 2016. The album title to The Drones seventh album is Feelin Kinda Free, here’s the album cover too!


Feelin Kinda Free tracklisting:

1. Private Execution
2. Taman Shud
3. Then They Came For Me
4. To Think That I Once Loved You
5. Tailwind
6. Boredom
7. Sometimes
8. Shutdown SETI

The new single/video is To Think That I Once Loved You:

Well, it’s taken three years since the last new album but I guess most bands/artists slow down after 8 albums, that’s counting his solo album too. I really love this new song, it’s really beautiful track. I never really like when bands add the female backing singers to line-ups but the singers from the Aussie band Harmony added to The Drones works really well actually, it’s like Fiona Kitchin times by 3 or 4. So now I’ve pretty much heard the first five songs off this new album, the other three tracks were live versions from the last year tours so my opinion if it counts for anything this could the best one or just as great as anything else in the back catalogue.

It’s going to be the shortest album looking at the times plus the fact that only eight songs is on it, three albums in a row now with only eight songs. If all the songs are just as good as the ones I’ve heard so far it will not matter and I can’t wait to hear the studio recordings but it’s another two months until it’s here. The last album I See Seaweed just had one single, one month before the release date maybe starting the label Tropical Fuck Storm Records they now have to learn how to market themselves better, one single Taman Shud at the end of last year and then this new one To Think That I Once Loved You at the start of the new year and then the new album in March. I’ll pre-order it, you’ve sold me already and most likely one of the best albums of 2016 too! I’m so excited, can you tell?the-drones-2016-900x506

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