Live Gigs: Prince’s Piano & A Microphone @ Perth Arena

Right a couple of days ago Prince played his debut Perth show with his Piano & A Microphone tour and it was totally mind blowing! So I just have to write something here on my thingy. You say he’s just playing a piano and singing into a microphone? Yes that’s what he’s doing for the whole show, no band, no one else on the stage, no backing singers or even dancers just Prince, piano and a microphone! If it was anyone else this could be really boring but Prince is a total performer and all his songs translate so well to the stripped back versions he plays on piano. I would love hear them re-recorded now like this, they could even be better than the originals. I guess that made it totally special and because I’ve never seen him live before it was even more special like this too. With no support act too he arrived on stage pretty early but played until 10:30 or around about. The stage was in the middle of Perth Arena with seats around the stage. Unfortunately the arena was not re-painted purple just for the night but he did have a purple grand piano off course which did spin around in the middle of the night too. Wearing flashing platforms, somehow dancing alot of the night at his piano. Also he ride a bicycle to and from stage too, that was so funny because the security had to run and chase him after him.

Giving away his new album at the end of the night which he played a bit of  but playing the hits too. Plus he even played my fave track which was never a single just a track from his classic album Sign O The Times, I don’t know why he played Starfish & Coffee maybe he’s a mind reader and knows I love that song somehow so he just throws it in just for me or maybe alot of other people love that song too and I just don’t know it’s more popular that it is. Played other faves too like Little Red Corvette, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Cream, Raspberry Beret plus even trow in a couple of covers of Sly Stone and Ray Charles too. I when with my sister and her mate, she was crying in Purple Rain. I know all his tracks and albums because of her really because she’s a bigger fan but that’s not taking anything away, I totally love Prince and after the other night I love him even more. This show would have to be up there with greatest gigs I’ve been too and if he come’s to your town, go and see him and if it’s the  Piano & A Microphone tour it with be unbelievable gig. He was very, very, very strict about mobile phones while preforming but that was so great not seeing every idiot holding up them up all night, so refreshing really and like Prince said himself right at the start “You don’t need it tonight”. I did miss the after party which I heard about it the next day which he played a half an hour set at one o’ clock in the morning too. Below is the setlist at the Perth Arena on the 25th of Feb 2016. So if I could I would say thank you Prince so much for coming to Perth!


 I Would Die 4 U
Big City
Little Red Corvette
Take Me With U
Stand! (Sly & The Family Stone cover)
Dirty Mind
I Feel for You
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Rocknroll Loveaffair
The Breakdown
Pop Life
Black Muse
Thieves in the Temple / It
Purple Rain
Condition Of The Heart / Under The Cherry Moon
Encore 1:
Under The Cherry Moon / 4
Unchain My Heart (Ray Charles cover)
How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore
Starfish And Coffee
Raspberry Beret
Diamonds And Pearls
The Beautiful Ones
Encore 2:
Kiss / Black Sweat
Encore 3:
Nothing Compares 2 U
Purple Music
Free Urself


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