New Music: Feelin Kinda Free by The Drones

I’ve got to write something about the new album by The Drones called Feelin Kinda Free now that I’ve heard it in full. Well, it seems I’m getting hits now on my old post about it which was just about the release date etc.

To start with the cover art work which is so them! If you really wanna know what the hell it is? It’s from the mystery of the Somerton Man, the handwriting showing pencil markings in the back of a book of the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám which are presumed to be some sort of code from the same case of Tamam Shud, of late 1940’s, the same one sung about in the first single and here’s the wikipedia page if you want too read more. I’m yet the hold the album in my hands and see the rest of the art work, I really do love good packaging but I can’t comment about it yet.

This is seventh album by The Drones after now being around for 18 years as a band, off course songwriter and singer Gareth Liddiard did his solo six years ago now too so that adds up to 8 albums over the years and each one is different so the new one is no different. First half of has been with us for a while now, at least for me and played live at various shows last year and a couple of video clips too. The first track Private Execution which is the longest song on the album at seven minutes and ten seconds, could say it’s pretty short really compared some of the old tracks they have done anyway he did say he was sick of songs going on forever. Anyway Private Execution debut at Vivid Fest last year, the line-up for this year was announced the same day this album was released. Here’s where you find the title of the album too, in his lyrics.

Taman Shud was the single and crazy video released last year too and I could and will say is the weakest track on the album. It’s just song that has the middle finger up to anything and everything “Aussie”. Then They Came For Me, To Think That I Once Loved You and Tailwind are pretty much my fave songs already. Tailwind and Then They Came For Me both debut on the Europe tour of late last year and To Think That I Once Loved You is the newish video which has been out a month or so now plus I’ve post it above. These three are really the most beautiful part of the new album.

Which only leaves the last three tracks: Boredom, Sometimes and Shut Down SETI which is the weird and crazy stuff they’re talking about or have saying in interviews lately. After listening to these three you kind-off wish there was more songs sounding like these, it’s like it over too soon but it is the shortest The Drones album so far, all these noises and sounds on the last three tracks you wonder what an instrumental Drones song/s would sound like? I know and anyone who’s been the one of the live show they do like there feedback and it’s been three years since the last album I See Seaweed, you kind-off think or I do is this all they have recorded in that time? They have never made a bad record and this is no different. Boredom is the closest thing to Gaz rapping, Fi sings Sometimes which is only her second song sung and than first one was 2005’s Gala Mill’s Work For Me. Shutdown SETI you hear both of them singing parts each, another way to have a great closing track to finish off this album, they’re kinda perfect together.

Synth finally made debut on The Drones’ album or synth, drum machine or whatever hell they’re, this is no real surprise to me, it’s really surprising it taken this long to make it into the band. Gareth has been banging on about how great the band Suicide and one of his fave albums is the self-titled debut album and stuff like that forever. It was just a question of when really. Steve Hesketh as piano, keyboard player was only added on the last album and Dan Luscombe has always been a bit of a multi instrument musician before joining The Drones and also Dan Kelly making a cameo finally here too. Last but but least it’s totally wicked to have Christian Strybosch back behind the drums too, amazing he’s not played anything for ten years or something.

Wu-Tang Clan has been name dropped in some of the interviews of what they were listen while making the album, maybe they should have got RZA to be the producer or is that going to be next time? Go to Staten Island and record in his studio? I think I need to spend some more time with this one but I’ve said it before it’s a bit short, if your only got eight songs it’s got to be longer songs like Strange Tourist or I See Seaweed, that works but if it’s shorter tracks you need to have at least 9 or even 10 tracks on an album but maybe you don’t? I don’t know! In an email I got to download the album because of the pre-order but CD don’t get here until next weeks and the vinyl sometime after that, yes I did ordered both for some mad reason.

Ranting all the albums I’ll say for me it’s 1. Gala Mill, 2. Strange Tourist, 3. I See Seaweed, 4. Wait Long By the River…, 5. Here Come The Lies, 6. Havilah 7. The Miller’s Daughter. What’s yours? I don’t where Feelin Kinda Free fits and belong yet but I’ll give it four and half mystery men of unsolved cases of unidentified bodies found dead on a beach out of five.




  1. 1. I See Seaweed
    2. Feelin Kinda Free*
    3. Havilah
    4. Wait Long By the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By
    5. Gala Mill
    6. The Miller’s Daughter
    7. Here Come The Lies


  2. Spent a while reading about the Somerton Man a few months ago so I knew ‘Taman Shud’ would be about that. Not read Rubiyat yet though (although doubt it’ll offer many clues).

    Hadn’t heard The Drones before I started reading the blog either. Rectifying that now.


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