My Music Collection: A is for…

I have been wanting to list all my music that I own myself and was using Discogs but waiting around for some things to be approved or whatever is a bit boring so I’m just going to make a big list here on my thingy! It’s my blog so it can anything I like, I guess? Catalog of my music too! At the moment everything is in big stacks, piled-up on top of each other. I been wanting to build bookshelves for it all but haven’t yet. Everything is still in kinda alphabetical, an ex-gf could never find anything she wanted, it’s always down to want the girls wants. So it had to go into A-Z order or she would leave me, just joking but it might as well have been about that than anything else.

When I love something musical I have to have a physical version of it. Downloading or streaming it is OK but I guess I grew-up in the 90’s and that’s it really. Vinyl is great too, I have a pile of that too but it’s so much smaller now because ex-gf gave away most of it because I don’t know what reason can explain that maybe because she wanted to piss me off? Vinyl is like living in the 70’s anyway, I like a clear sound when listening, no cracks and pops and no matter how great the quality of the vinyl it always does that. I guess you could say CD’s is like living in the 90’s too, oh well.

 I don’t know if anyone else is going to be interested in these posts other than me? It’s going to be a big bloody list but I do love lists. I think I could write a little about each album,  maybe later under could under the post title of Classic Albums, they’re all classic albums, you know? But because if I did start to write about everything here I’ll be here forever. I have to included the year of release, record company, packaging of disc and also I have to number them all here and that’s not which is the the best, it’s just counting them all up because I haven’t done that for years now. So anyway here goes A is for…

The Amps – Pacer (1995, 4AD, Digipak) [#1]

Antony and the Johnsons – I Am A Bird Now (2005, Spunk, Jewel Case) [#2]

Aphex Twin – …I Care Because You Do (1995, Warp/Sire, Jewel Case) [#3]

Aphex Twin – Richard D. James Album (1996, Warp/Sire, Jewel Case) [#4]

AC/DC – ’74 Jailbreak (1975 2003 reissue, Epic/Albert, Digipak) [#5]

AC/DC – High Voltage (1976 2003 reissue, Albert/Mushroom, Digipak)  [#6]

Alice In Chains – Dirt (1992, Columbia, Jewel Case) [#7]

Alice In Chains- Jar Of Flies/Sap (1993, Columbia, Double Jewel Case) [#8]

Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (2006, Domino, Digipak) [#9]

Arctic Monkeys –  Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? (2006, Domino, Digipak) [#10]

Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion (2009, Domino, Slipcase/Gatefold Wallet) [#11]

Animal Collective – Centipede HZ (2012, Domino, Gatefold Wallet) [#12]

Arcade Fire – Funeral (2005, Merge, Gatefold Wallet) [#13]

Arcade Fire – Reflektor (2013, Sono Vox, Double Gatefold Wallet) [#14]

Tori Amos – Boys For Pele (1996, EastWest, Jewel Case) [#15]

Tori Amos – Strange Little Girls (2001, Atlantic, Jewel Case) [#16]

Tori Amos – Scarlet’s Walk (2002, Epic, Jewel Case) [#17]

Tori Amos – Tales Of Librarian (2003, Atlantic, Jewel Case) [#18]

Fiona Apple – Tidal (1996, Clean Slate/Work, Jewel Case) [#19]

Fiona Apple – When The Pawn… (1999, Clean Slate/Epic, Jewel Case) [#20]

Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine (2005, Clean Slate/Epic, Double Jewel Case) [#21]

Fiona Apple – The Idler Wheel Is Wiser… (2012, Clean Slate/Epic, Gatefold Wallet) [#22]

Augie March – Waltz (1999, BMG, Digipak) [#23]

Augie March – Sunset Studies (2000, BMG, Jewel Case) [#24]

Augie March – Strange Bird (2002, BMG, Jewel Case) [#25]

Augie March – Moo, You Bloody Choir (2006, BMG, Digipak) [#26]

Augie March – One Crowded Hour (2006,  BMG, Digipak) [#27]

Augie March – Watch Me Disappear (2008, BMG, Jewel Case) [#28]

Glenn Richards – Glimjack (2010, Sony, Digipak) [#29]

Augie March – Havens Dumb (2014, Caroline, Gatefold Wallet) [#30]

Various Artists – Tales from the Australian Underground, Singles 1976-1989 (2003, Feel, Double Jewel Case) [#31]

Various Artists – Tales from the Australian Underground, Vol. 2: 1977-1990 (2005, Feel, Double Jewel Case) [#32]

Various Artists – Songs from the 100 Best Australian Albums (2010, Sony, Slipcase/5 CD Jewel Case) [#33]

Various Artists – Triple J’s Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time (2011, ABC/Universal, 3 CD Jewel Case) [#34]

OK, so that’s 34 here under the letter A so that’s bands starting with A and singers with the last name starting with A and does includes Albums, EPs, Singles and Comps like the last four on the list which are filed under Australian off course. Glenn Richards solo album is also included here with Augie March because he’s worked with the band more than as a solo artist. That does happens alot in my stacks of CD’s. I don’t think I can link everything this time so maybe next time when I write about each one a bit more, well if and when I do that but hopefully sometime. So that’s Augie March, the artist/band that come out on top of the letter A, Glenn the singer-songwriter and is the one sitting on the floor, if you don’t know you do know.


Edit (6/11/16)

Adam Ant – The Essential (2003, Epic, Jewel Case) [#969]


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