Shall Be Released: Nerissimo by Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld


OK, The next album I’m looking forward to is going to be released April 22nd which is one month from right now, I really can’t find alot about it so I’m going write about it here not that I know much. It has been three year since the debut album by the duo titled Still Smiling which was the hidden treasure of 2013 so I’m guessing this forthcoming album is going to do the something simpler but hopefully maybe a little bit more this year now it’s more than just a one off collaboration. That first album was one of the best thing Blixa Bargeld has ever done, of course Einstürzende Neubauten is the band he’s been in forever and for me has made some of the greatest music in the whole wide world. I guess this is just working with someone else, doing some different. Teho Teardo is more of a film composer and seems to like a good collaboration with someone, it looks like done a few others too. This album and the debut are both on his label and the website has not been update yet about this new album coming out next month as I’m writing this post but maybe closer to date or something? They’re are doing a Europe tour too so you can see them if your are in that part of the world but I don’t think an Aussie tour is going to be on the cards somehow.

I’ve found the album cover, above and the tracklisting, below and the release date off course. So that’s is the album cover at the top of the page but it’s based on a painting called The Ambassadors (1533) by Hans Holbein the Younger which I’ve included right here and this is from the press release, I’m the press right?

Embedded in the painting are enigmatic references to philosophy, religion, mortality, and illusion, which connect to some of the themes in the album.


Cut and paste from that press release again:

“Nerissimo” is the Italian superlative for black (“the blackest”) and there is something very black about the music on this record.  That doesn’t mean, however, that is is “dark” as the adjective is commonly applied to music: as the colour black contains all colors, the music contains a multitude of possiblities. Written and sung in German, English and Italian, the songs stretch from microscopic dramas played out in a Petri dish (“Ulgæ”) to the surreal epic and cosmic seven minute journey “Animelle”.  The title song “Nerissimo” opens the album in its English version and closes it with the Italian version, bracketing the album like book-ends.

New to this collaboration is the use of woodwinds, especially the bass clarinet which plays a deep and very significant role in several of the new songs, amid an arsenal of bells, Teho’s baritone guitar and the arrangement of classical string instruments. Together their sound forms a pear-shaped frequency spectrum to warmly envelope and support Blixa’s low mellifluous voice.

Listening to the album, one undergoes a temporal passage between languages which intimately connects Rome and Berlin, the two cities where the album has been recorded, an emotional journey through the last three years of work together. Travelling in the multi-faceted blackness, the songs shape a diary of apparitions, of colours that could transform the whole universe once you name them, a nighttime flight with the lights off above European capitals

Which all sounds totally amazing to me and just don’t know what else to write now because I’ve not heard it but I can’t wait too!


1. Nerissimo (English)
2. DHX 2
3. Ich Bin Dabei
4. The Empty Boat
5. The Beast
6. Animelle
7. Ulgæ
8. Nirgendheim
9. Give Me
10. Nerissimo (Italian)

So just finish off this post here’s a photo of when they both first meet each other only a few years ago, no just joking it’s just cool photo of them sharking hands!

Blixa Bargeld_Teho Teardo


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