Wicked Songs: Body Lotion EP by HTRK

HTRK‘s Body Lotion EP was release a couple of years now back in 2014 and was limited to only 350 copy’s on 12″ vinyl which it might as well be 3 and half really when you think about, it’s just silly amount! I love this band so much, it was disappointing missing out but I might as well have planned to see pigs flying or something. Anyway I got the t-shirt the other week, funny you can’t buy the music but I can wear it. You can mostly download illegal somewhere but I’ve found them and just made a playlist on YouTube.


These tracks were record just before the 2011’s Work (Work, Work) album which has become one of my faves of all-time, so it’s a bit like looking into the work in progress. You can really hear Sean Stewart‘s bass on two of these songs. Those first two tracks Sugar and Punch were recorded live in HTRK’s London rehearsal room, the then trio of Jonnine Standish, Nigel Yang and Sean Stewart. And last and title track of this well the band’s website at the time say it best with:

Body Lotion is suggestive, winking and bruised, a trademark HTRK hook submerged beneath the murk. All three tracks mutated from the recording sessions that ultimately led to Work (Work Work) track “Slo Glo.” While they all stand as striking individual songs, they share subtle elements in common-a lyrical idea here, some guitar parts there.


So that’s what the t-shirt looks like and you can order one here at this link and/or other HTRK stuff too. I was going to included images of the record because it does look great, that’s the cover at the top of the page but maybe I can find it second hand somewhere one day, the three tracks are on one side and play at 33 1/3 speed and on the other side, an etching which is what the t-shirt based on. I do have a few HTRK vinyl albums but maybe write about some other time later.

Body Lotion EP tracklisting

1. Sugar – 3:50
2. Punch – 4:13
3. Body Lotion – 3:25

I really enjoy seeing them playing live again too and look forward to what comes next, it’s been a couple of years since the last album and this EP was last thing they released so we will have to wait and see, I guess. They did say they’re starting to work on something new but I’m guessing it will next year before we see it but I don’t really know we could get it this year. I’ll give this EP four tubs of body lotion out of five.

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