My Music Collection: I is for…

Well, this is going to be really quick, I is for…

Chris Isaak – Chris Isaak (1987, Warner, Jewel Case) [#420]

Chris Isaak – Forever Blue (1995, Warner, Jewel Case) [#421]

Various Artists – I Am Sam (soundtrack) (2001, V2, Jewel Case) [#422]

Various Artists – Inner City Sound: Australian Punk & Post-Punk (2005, Laughing Outlaw, Double Jewel Case) [#423]

Various Artists – I’m Not There (soundtrack) (2007, Sony, Double Jewel Case) [#424]*

Interpol – Antics (2004, Matador, Slipcase/Jewel Case) [#425]

Interpol – Turn on the Bright Lights (2002 2012 reissue, Matador, Book/2 CD/DVD) [#426]

* I think I’m  going now move this one into Dylan pile because it’s basically an album of Bobby covers even if it’s a soundtrack, OK?

Only seven more this time so it add-up to 426. That’s old line-up or early line-up of Interpol with Paul Banks smoking this time, I miss Carlos Dengler in the band too!interpol-promo-photo-pieter-van-hattem

Edit (19/9/16)

Ice Cube – The Predator (1992 2003 reissue, Priority, Jewel Case) [#957]

Edit (29/12/16)

INXS – INXS (1980 2011 reissue, Petrol Electric, Jewel Case) [#992]


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