Shall Be Released: Kidsticks by Beth Orton + My Music Collection: O is for…

a2580938404_10Until I looked up Beth for this post about all my crappy CD’s, I didn’t know she got a new album coming out. It’s called Kidsticks, out on May 27th. Beth’s worked this time with Andrew Hung from Fuck Buttons so that’s some really wicked news, that’s just two very cool people in the same recording studio. I must have missed this earlier when it was announced. This year is turning into a cool one for some of my fave artists/bands releasing new stuff. This will be Beth’s sixth album and four years since her last album. The last time I saw her live was around then and she play in a church for some reason I can’t remember but she dropped the f-bomb and then laughed because she forget where she was. She was a bit of a stand-up comedian in-between the songs that night, told some great jokes and/or stories, really talkie. It was a great gig, the best I’ve seen from her, she played totally solo too which I’ve not seen her do before, it’s always been with a band. So I have to now I have to included below the track listing, credits, new song and then the album cover:

1. Snow
2. Moon
3. Petals
4. 1973
5. Wave
6. Dawnstar
7. Falling
8. Corduroy Legs
9. Flesh and Blood
10. Kidsticks

Produced by Beth Orton and Andrew Hung. Lyrics written by Beth Orton. Music composed by Beth Orton and Andrew Hung. Beth Orton: Vocals, keyboards & synthesizers, Andrew Hung: synth programming & drum programming. Additional musicians: George Lewis, Jr.: electric guitar, Bram Inscore: bass, Guillermo E. Brown: drums, Lucky Paul: drums and percussion, Chris Taylor: backing vocals on Wave and Falling bass on Snow, Dustin O’Halloran: piano on Corduroy Legs, string arrangement on Flesh and BloodFalling and Dawnstar, Shahzad Ismaily: bass on Moon, bass and Moog on Flesh and Blood, Szela Thompson: backing vocals on Petals Pour and Flesh and Blood

Well this going to be real quick, O is for…

Oh Mercy – Deep Heat (2012, EMI, Jewel Case) [#614]

Beth Orton – Trailer Park (1996, Heavenly, Jewel Case) [#615]

Beth Orton – Central Reservation (1999, Heavenly, Jewel Case) [#616]

Beth Orton – Daybreaker (2002, Heavenly, Jewel Case) [#617]

Beth Orton – The Otherside of Daybreak (2003, Heavenly, Jewel Case) [#618]

Beth Orton – Comfort of Strangers (2006, EMI, Double Jewel Case) [#619]

Beth Orton – Sugaring Season (2012, Anti, Gatefold Wallet) [#620]

It’s funny but the bloke from Oh Mercy was the support for Orton at that gig in the church too.kidsticks

Edit (19/9/16)

Beth Orton – Kidsticks (2016, Anti, Digipak) [#958]


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