My Music Collection: Q is for…

Right, I read this thing the other day, in the first line it’s talking about streaming services in 2016 and goes on the pretty much say how pointless CD’s are now but they’re great too in the next line down! Made up your mind, goes on to say “90s and 2000s sounds way better on CD than on their cash-grab vinyl reissues” which is true, then the next line also says it show how you “spent hard-earned cash on the artists that you loved” which is true but doesn’t say artists don’t make any or not much money from streaming but I don’t know how meanly interviews with artists I’ve read and they start to talk about that, they all say the same thing and one with a green logo is the most popular and is the worst. Anyway it goes on to say cull your CD collection, which is a fair call and pick some to go but I think I done that over the years, one way or another and now what I have right now is pretty perfect, totally perfect in my opinion. Which comes down to just my taste in music, want I love, remember and I guess just relate one one or another too over the years. At this point I don’t think I’m missing anything that doesn’t cover those points or whatever you want to call them? I have a lot to cover all those bases. I don’t know how much I will buy now really but I guess I’ll see but maybe that’s the point of doing this right now because it’s pretty completed, well maybe just a good time to do this too. I don’t think I need to cull anything right now and maybe they’re some artist I want to check out and see if I buy them or want sometime but they is no rush to do that right now.

Anyway Q is for…

Qui – Love’s Miracle (2007, Ipecac, Jewel Case) [#675]

Qui – Life, Water, Living… (2014, Cobraside, Gatefold Wallet) [#676]

Queens Of The Stone Age – Songs For The Deaf (2002, Interscope, Jewel Case) [#677]

The Desert Sessions – Volume 9 & 10 (2003, Ipecac, Jewel Case) [#678]

Queens Of The Stone Age – Rated R (2000 2010 reissue, Interscope, Double Digipak) [#679]

Queens Of The Stone Age – …Like Clockwork (2013, Matador, Slipcase/Jewel Case) [#680]

Off course that’s just Josh smoking but he’s the main guy for both Queens and Desert Sessions really.716full-josh-homme


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