My Music Collection: Y is for…

So very close to finishing, I’m feeling very sad now! Y is for…

You Am I – Sound As Ever (1993, RooArt, Jewel Case) [#923]

You Am I – Hourly, Daily (1996, RooArt, Jewel Case) [#924]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Show Your Bones (2006, Modular, Jewel Case) [#925]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz! (2009, Modular, Jewel Case) [#926]

 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mosquito (2013, Modular, Gatefold Wallet) [#927]

The Young Gods – Red Water (1989, Play It Again Sam, Jewel Case) [#928]

 The Young Gods – Play Kurt Weill (1991, Play It Again Sam, Jewel Case) [#929]

The Young Gods – T.V. Sky (1992, Play It Again Sam, Jewel Case) [#930] 

The Young Gods – Only Heaven (1995, Play It Again Sam, Jewel Case) [#931]

Neil Young – On The Beach (1974, Warner, Jewel Case) [#932]

Neil Young – Zuma (1975, Warner, Jewel Case) [#933]

 Neil Young – Unplugged (1993, Warner, Jewel Case) [#934]

Neil Young – Deadman (soundtrack) (1996, Vapor, Jewel Case) [#935]

Neil Young – Greatest Hits (2004, Warner, Jewel Case) [#936]

That’s it, done and dusted, the whole music collection. I’ve got nothing in Z so that’s the last post for this and all adds up to 936 CD’s which is not bad really. I don’t know if I’ve count it right or wrong because I’m not the greatest at maths so if someone could double check for me, please. Must be around nine hundred discs anyway I think I need coffee now! neilyoungbreakfast5301-500x327


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