Playlist: All Tomorrow’s Parties Cancel ATP curated by Drive Like Jehu in Manchester


So should the poster/flyer now read. Well, very lucky I didn’t plan to go to this festival.


It’s just been totally cancellation yesterday and just a few days before it was going to take place. I don’t think one more ticket sale would have help, would it? It’s a sorry state of affairs but is this going to be the death rattle for ATP? So this is second English one to be canned in a couple of years. With the London festival called Jabberwocky cancelled in late 2014, the last Aussie fest/shows in 2013 plus none in Japan and American since around the same time. It was this one or the one in Iceland I was going to see if I could get to this year but somehow I think I better think twice about this all now.

I when over east last month to Golden Plains instead of going all the way to this one, I guess if I live in England I would have gone to all them festivals over the years but going there all the way to U.K. from Australia does seem a bit crazy now but the other idea was not to come back here and stay and live in England. It does say on there website: “Please note that ATP Iceland exists as a separate company and is unaffected by these changes.” but I don’t really know about that. I was still going see if I could put it of but I think I better change my mind now, lucky I haven’t booked anything yet. I think I better just do something else now but what, maybe should just move to the U.K. anyway?

I totally loved the Aussie ATP shows from a few years ago and was some of the best shows/fests I’ve been to but now after this latest news I don’t if I really trust them as promoters anymore. On the 15th of April John Cale one of the main headliners put out saying on his Facebook “we did our best to believe in the organizers, in the end, they let us all down”.  I wouldn’t want to be on a airplane halfway on the way to Iceland from here to hear that it is cancel too, on the Drive Like Jehu’s Facebook  they write “ATP is out of funds” and sound like they’re bitterly disappointed about the whole thing and even with the toilet roll photo which is pretty funny but really so sad too.

Anyway here’s a playlist of all the great bands/artists of what could have been:

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