Remembering: Prince + Top Tens: Prince Albums

I love purple too and Prince off-course!

 It’s unbelievable he’s passed away, gone now forever and I’d just seen him live two months ago on his Piano & Microphone tour. My mind was blow away reading the news early today, it was like someone has made a mistake or something. He seemed so alive and full of life dancing around his piano what which could have been only yesterday, it was amazing show and I’ll forever remember it and seems like a great place to start this post not repeating the news stories on my blog. I just wrote about my fave track of his Starfish & Coffee but I really need write a little bit more about him here.

I didn’t say how the show ended in that post, it was one of the greatest moments at a gig to get the crowded or audiences involved in the very last song after like three encores or something, Prince got everyone to hand-clap a beat along with him and then sing the lines of the song Free Urself and after awhile he stopped playing the piano and started encouraging us even more and more to get louder and louder until the whole arena was pumping and then he got on his push bicycle again and left us to it. Is that just one of the greatest way to end a show or what?

I’ve just got a new stereo a couple of weeks ago, well it’s an old one because it’s better than all the new ones I’ve seen lately, it’s got 5 disc CD player which they don’t even make anymore, record player and double cassette player and I got out all my old tapes and last night I had on was Prince/Madonna mixtape. Alot of songs on it I’ve not hear in a longtime, he’s got some much stuff it’s amazing really. I do seems have some very big hits then some others that are just as great but wasn’t never single or anything like that. After the gig in February my sister got out all her CD’s of alot of his 80’s and 90’s albums. She even had all the video tapes like VHS, I would get all these bootleg tapes for oversea of all these different artists and I got her some of Prince and she’s still got them and plus the Rage ones too, An Aussie TV show that would have specials on different artists and I would record them and I gave her the Prince ones too. I’ve been listening to that and some other Prince mixtapes today and I got to put his new album on next Hit N Run: Phase Two, he given it out too everyone after we all finishing singing and hand-clapping at the end of the night at the show in February, that’s got to be next on. Who gives away their new album at the end of a gig too?

I remember almost all of those album she pulled out of the box or bag or whatever it was, maybe it was a top-hat? She the bigger fan really and when we was growing-up that was her fave artist of all-time, she would be always playing his music and I would playing Pink Floyd. So I got to know his stuff because of her but I guess some of my faves would be, I don’t like rating things really but it’s in a order of Top Tens:


1. I totally love the Batman soundtrack and that’s why I have that image at the top of the page. It as released in 1989, his last from the 80’s, what away to send of the decade that he wrote all over. One of the biggest artists but I think he could have even got bigger in the 90’s, It was for the first Batman movie starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, directed by Tim Burton but it’s a bit dated now. Unlike the soundtrack which I just totally love, my highlights would be the opening tracks The Future and Electric Chair then off-course Partyman and Batdance.


2. Prince logo.svg or the Love Symbol album would next for me winning the silver medal. It came out in 1992 and straight after Diamonds & Pearls album which bigger at the time. It’s got yet another great two opening tracks My Name Is Prince and Sexy Motherfucker or SexyMF for short plus The Morning Papers and 7 the song which were all singles for that album but also And God Created Woman, I Wanna Melt With U, The Continental are faves too.


3. Back to the 80’s for third place with 1987’s Sign O’ The Times which that amazing title opening track and my fave track of his is off-course Starfish and Coffee is on it plus The Ballad of Dorothy Parker, If I Was Your Girlfriend, I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man, Hot Thing, The Cross, should I just write out the whole track listing because it’s all so great really. It’s his epic double album but it does feel long at all, time fly’s when your having fun, hey?


4. The Black Album would next I think in my picks, recorded in 1987 but not released until 1994 because well, that’s written about else where and you can read about it somewhere else if you what to but once again those two opening songs are so wicked Le Grind, Cindy C. then into Dead On It, When 2 R In Love which the later was his Lovesexy album too also the closing Rockhard In A Funky Place is another killer track.


5. Diamonds & Pearls would be in fifth place, it’s one of his biggest album and released in 1991 with the title track, Cream and Money Don’t Matter 2 Night were the three of his greatest singles which I love too but also songs like Strollin’, Willing and Able and Gett Off! which was the first single at the time are all great, Thunder is yet another wicked opener too.


6. Purple Rain from 1984 coming in sixth place might seem a bit odd to people because it’s his most well most known album but it’s my little countdown and that’s where it would go for me and do I need to name any of these songs by the titles but Let’s Go Crazy and I Would Die 4 U would be my faves, if you wanna known.


7. 1999 the album from 1982 would be next on the list, with the title track and Little Red Corvette yet again are the opening songs but the next two Delirious and Let’s Pretend We’re Married are so wicked too.


8. Back again to the 90’s now with the album Come from 1994 with songs like Space, Loose! and Letitgo are to great to miss out and one of his best 90’s albums which should be a little bit more well known really.


9. Dirty Mind would be next here, release in 1980 which is the earliest album I love the most but it’s third album overall so I missing alot of his albums here but it’s got When You Were Mine, Head and that totally amazing opening title track.


10. Which leaves only one album to pick if it’s only ten but it’s got to be 1985’s Around The World In A Day because it’s the one with Raspberry Beret and he kind-off when all psychedelic on this one too.

I’ve so much here but not got it all but it’s only a top ten I guess. Do people even listen to albums anymore, anyway? Some of the cuts I’ve missed here that are not from those albums above are The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Peach, Kiss, Alphabet St., I Wanna Be Your Lover and Baltimore from only last year. Anyway he’s got so much great music you or I could listen to any of it and it will be, well great. I don’t know what more to say but once again it’s just so sad. To me he just means total freedom, his music and everything he did in his lifetime.



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