Live Gigs: Bill Callahan @ Sydney Opera House/Vivid Festival 2015

Well I finally got to see Bill Callahan last year, he played two gigs and I got to see both his shows at the Sydney Opera House for Vivid Festival 2015, it was like mid-year so it was a little while ago but I think I’m going to go backwards in time to catalogue the greatest gigs I’ve gone too. This was so beautiful and amazing seeing him and his band like this at such a great venue, iconic I guess everyone knows it when you say it.


He’s now one of my favorites but it was always like that, I do remember one of my ex’s “you hated him before how can you love him so much now?” but I really don’t think I hate any artists/bands, I can find something I like from almost everyone. She most likely just misunderstand me, the only song at that time I heard from him was the Dress Sexy At My Funnel which is a bit silly and fun anyway, He did play this track on one of the nights too and was pretty great live. Once I started to listen to more and more of his tracks and albums over time, it’s just all unbelievable stuff. How can you not like Bill Callahan really? Once he when under his own real name he raised the level I think but then again I’m listening more now to his old stuff too, do you know his old name? He when he under the name Smog.

I missed him last time he toured about five years ago, this was only his second  time to Australia, I think? I always regret missing him last time and now I love him even more, Dream River is a Classic Album, each album somehow just keep getting better and I’ll write a post about that album sometime soon too. He never come over west so I just so happy to I got see him and if it means going over east I’m so glad I did. I found the first nights setlist which I have post here now.

Setlist, May 28th 2015:
The Sing
Javelin Unlanding
Universal Applicant
Small Plane
Eid Ma Clack Shaw
Jim Cain
One Fine Morning
Too Many Birds
Easy Wind (Grateful Dead cover)
Ride My Arrow
Dress Sexy at My Funeral
Say Valley Maker
Riding for the Feeling
Winter Road

Anyone who has the setlist for the next night 29th May 2015 let me know please, it was totally different than the first night. I think the second night was better, he was on a roll by then but some people just called it jamming but it better than him just fuckin’ about with his band. He played a Grateful Dead song and I was like “Want is this song? Where do I find this?”And now I can answer my own question now. To finally hear his songs live was unbelievable, I don’t think they is a bad one really. Focusing on the last three album which you could called one of the best trilogy in modern music, it’s got to be if not the greatest in the 21st century: Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle (2009), Apocalypse (2011) and Dream River (2013). Then off-course the dub remake of Dream River titled Have Fun With God (2014) was so great too. We are yet to see what he does next but I guess this was a prefect time to see him live. He’s having the biggest gap in between album right now but he can take sometime off if he want’s too seems I’ve seen him live now and those great albums too, his early ones are pretty wicked too.


The back drop is by Aussie artist, Paul Ryan who’s done his last three album cover art too. It was like a endless slide show of his landscape paintings, nice competently to the music. Well, there was some other things I did and seen in Sydney but I guess this is just a music blog here and these two show plus The Drones show was the best, I did see some other bands on this trip too but I can’t write about all of them.


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