Cover Versions: Beatles’ While My Guitar Gently Weeps by Prince & some other guys

Look at that, there is such a thing as Prince’s The White Album. Well, kind-off they’re two really, one by Warner Bros and one total bootleg. I randomly google it just for the hell of it and guess what? It comes up, unbelievable really. So in 1994 when Prince finally let his record company released his 1987 The Black Album they did a promotional only run on white vinyl and blank white cover which only 300 copy’s was made at the time, very rare indeed now. The second one I found is a 1987 bootleg of an live versions of songs which was on his classic album Sign O The Times, or could I now just found a third one? Oh well, who care’s about bootlegs anyway?

It’s funny there is such a thing because I’ve got a cool looking image to go with my post now. It’s bleak and minimal but cool, it’s almost like The Beatles’ The White Album which is what this is about really. Well, a cover of a song from that album which is nothing new really it’s one of the only official videos clips on YouTube that did have Prince’s blessing. It’s the Hall of Fame for George Harrison tribute from a few years back now.

I love this track, one of my fave Beatles songs of all-time. It was on side one and is track seven on that epic classic album which no doubt about it would be my fave Beatles album of all-time. Prince does even sing here and isn’t even on stage when the rest of the guys start the song, it’s Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and George’s son too, oh my god he looks so much like him it’s silly. When Prince falls backwards of the stage in the middle of this guitar solo the look on Dhani‘s face. So yes Prince only does the guitar but what a solo, it’s amazing.

Eric Clapton did the solo on the original album, the story goes Harrison go a lift with Clapton and getting out the car he ask him to join him in Abbey Road to finish recording it. Prince’s guitar solo for While My Guitar Gently Weeps don’t start until around halfway, three and half into the song but the next few minutes is just one of the craziest solo ever so I just can’t help but post it here. Watch too right at the end Prince’s guitar disappear, can you see where it goes because I can’t. It seems very strange too, it’s only been one week now.

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