Top Tens: Radiohead, Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood Albums

In celebration of all of Radiohead‘s websites turning totally blank the other day plus maybe fingers crossed a new album sometime soon but god knows when really? They could just keep doing crazy shit like this and it will be very entertaining, I just have to laugh, it’s so great. Totally confused all your fans, the press and everyone is saying what is going on? Where is the new album? Send out flyers in snail mail, then eased your websites and now as I’m writing this post we get a singing bird on instagram, LOL!


So seems Radiohead are up to eight albums, so far and we are still waiting for number nine. I’m going to included anything like solo albums, side projects, soundtracks and any releases even if that were free downloads by the band. I have to warn anyone who’s reading this I’m not a big fan of the early stuff. Everyone can hear and see they had to developed into the band we have today but still doesn’t mean I need to listen to all it now. So to make it clear what this is my very own top ten of Radiohead’s releases and it’s band members releases not anyone else’s so it’s just my opinion, OK?


1. In Rainbows (2007) It’s amazing this album is going to be ten years old next year, it still feels like yesterday. Hasn’t aged a day really with songs like Nude, All I Need, House Of Cards, Videotape plus everything in between. Do you still remember all the crazy shit at the time of releasing it like I do? Now looks like we are in for some more fun and games this time too. Don’t forget the second disc or bonus disc too, It’s the close thing they have done to a double album with songs Bangers +Mash, 4 Minute Warning, Last Flower and Down Is the New Up.


2. King Of Limbs (2011) So can I say I don’t know why no one really liked it, well I do but I love it for all those reasons and some more. I truthfully love album and I think In Rainbow win top spot by a freckle and maybe only because of the marketing of that album. With songs like Codex, Giving Up The Ghost, Feral and Lotus Flower, how can you not like it? I also loved The Daily Mail / Staircase single which wasn’t on the album but record at the same sessions and released around the same time too.


3. Atoms For Peace – Amok (2013) What? Third place for this album I hear you say and I just have to say yes. It’s a great album, one of my faves from the last few years. I enjoy these albums so much more than say any of 90’s Radiohead. These nine tracks are insane, music and beats are totally mad and I just love it.


4. Spectre (2015)  I just have to included this because if this is want they have be working on lately and is a kind-off like a preview to the new album I can’t wait, just like everyone else too. What a epic track, it’s become one of my fave Radiohead tracks in the last few months.


5. Amnesiac (2001) The earliest album in this list here and it’s number five. For someone who raves on about how great the 90’s was I guess that’s a shock but I love bands who moves on and keep pushing the envelope, Radiohead most def still do that. Pyramid Song, You and Whose Army?, I Might Be Wrong and Life In A Glasshouse is on it so it just has to be top five.


6. Hail To The Thief (2003) Another album almost everyone loves to hate. It’s just them in a room and they’re just rocking out really, nothing more or less so what’s so bad about that? It’s got no hit singles at all I guess and it’s also their crazy LA album too.


7. Jonny Greenwood – There Will Be Blood (2007) Unbelievable is one word for for this and it seems it’s number eight overall. It’s an epic film and the soundtrack plays perfect with or without it. Why didn’t this man win an Oscar at the time?


7. Thom Yorke – The Eraser (2006) With songs like Black Swan, Harrowdown Hill as my faves and I like it much better than Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes album but off course Amok was better than both these solo albums and alot of Radiohead’s back catalogue too, sorry to say that all you die hard fans.


9. The Best Of 2-CD Edition (2008) So the band hated this but I got to say it’s got all the early stuff all in one place so if I do listen to it will be on this but I still do skip Anyone Can Play Guitar.


10. Burn The Witch (2016) So maybe it’s a bit early to included this track seems it’s just been released right now but who cares? It’s so great!



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