Cover Versions: Rowland S. Howard/These Immortal Souls’ Crowned by The Drones + Hyperspace by Gareth Liddiard

Well, seems my last post here on my thingy was about a newish Rowland S. Howard cover I might pull a few others up here too. We have two These Immortal Souls tracks today, first by The Drones and then second their front man Gareth Liddiard with These Immortal Souls live but I found two versions of the same song so if you what to you can play both or just one or whatever.

This first one was recorded a couple of years before Howard passed away for a European tribute album. It was on a very small label at the time of release and was a limited press but I don’t know if it’s been re-run since then, it was pretty  great. I’ll tell you a little more about it, if you wanna know? It was a double CD with a mix of Aussies and Europeans doing tracks from all of his albums and projects, oh one or is it two Americans are on it? Just to name a few others that are on it: Mick Harvey, Dimi Dero, Spencer P. Jones, Nikki Sudden, Noah Taylor, Loene Carmen and Roward S. Howard himself is performing a live solo version of So The Story Goes as the last track on the disc. Carmen’s track is a tribute in it’s self called Song For Rowland which has Warren Ellis playing some beautiful violin on it too. Sudden and Taylor both do there own versions of Shivers. Here’s the full tracklisting if you like to know. It was released just before Howard’s final studio album Pop Crimes so that means there are no tracks from that album but does cover alot of ground. Anyway that’s The Drones’ epic cover of Crowned recorded at the Bakehouse Studios in Richmond, Victoria with Rui Pereira and Mike Noga still in the line-up. Originally taken from the album I’m Never Gonna Die Again from 1992. A Tribute To Rowland S. Howard, the album which this song was taken from was put out by Stagger Records, who know’s if you really wanted it you might find it somewhere else.

So cut to a few years later, after Howard’s passing we had a few tribute nights from him and this is from one of them. Both these clip are pretty good quality but first one here is only one camera and the second is multi-camera so take your pick. This is pretty much the band These Immortal Souls final line-up off course minus Howard plus Gaz. Some of the same Aussies played that night that were on the above album too. Harry Howard, Rowland’s brother started to become so much more active after his passing, himself now released a couple of albums too. So Hyperspace is on the same album as Crowned, Hyperspace is the middle song or the fourth track on the album I’m Never Gonna Die Again and Crowned is the last or eighth song on that album.

Liddiard has only six more songs to cover and he would complete re-record that album. So below are images from that same night with Gaz from The Drones and Jonnine Standish from HTRK together singing the song called (I Know) A Girl Called Jonny on the 1st of March 2013 but it seems no one videotaped or recorded this rare moment of pretty much my two fave singers singing together, if you did and you wanted to share this with me I love you forever.



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