Cover Versions: Rowland S. Howard’s Dead Radio by HTRK + Breakdown (And Then…) by Jonnine Standish

Right so after yesterday’s post and last weeks one I’ve got yet a couple of more Rowland S. Howard covers for today. Two this time by HTRK and the front woman  Jonnine Standish, both live tracks but it’s kind-off amazing nothing as been recorded in a studio really, then again something else has. Howard was the co-producer of HTRK’s debut album Marry Me Tonight plus played additional guitar on three of those tracks and also keyboards on two more songs in 2008. Then the following year Standish and Howard did a duet together on what would be his final album Pop Crimes and it was to be the first song called (I Know) A Girl Called Jonny. Now Standish seems to have been involved in all the Howard tribute gigs since his passing away too. Amazingly no one has pull any of these artists who have preformed his songs in a recording studio and done another album. A few have taken place in Melbourne, I was even lucky to see one too.

So this one was done for the BFI in London of all places but when I did see these guys live a couple of months ago over east they opened the set with this song so who knows maybe it will be recorded in a studio and release on the next album or single or something one day but I’m just wishing and hoping here I wouldn’t have clue what they’re going to do. Dead Radio was the opening song on his debut solo album, Teenage Snuff Film.

This one in Melbourne again in 2014 for the Melbourne Festival with some members of These Immortal Souls again and his final studio albums back-up band so musicians like Mick Harvey on Drums, JP Shilo on guitar, Brian Hooper on bass and Genevieve McGuckin on keyboards. This track can be originally found on Teenage Snuff Film from 1998, it was the second track on that album.


Amazing I couldn’t find a photo of these guys altogether so it’s just Jonnine all by herself. I hope someone else enjoy these because I love them but my other posts on or about HTRK is my least popular posts on my thingy here, not that is going to stop me writing about this band.


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