Shall Be Released: New Album/Film by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

So I wake-up today and find out there’s a new Bad Seeds album plus film coming out in four months, on 9th September 2016. I really didn’t think we would get one until next year but my guess is only three months off. I don’t know what to write about really because no one has much info, just the film with be the only pre-release the night before and seems it’s only playing in L.A. Well that’s now been removed from that website so someone fucked-up I think but the word is out now! Stop fucking around and just put something on your website. It did say’s before: no singles or media, even got goes on to say “the screening of the film the first medium through which anyone anywhere will be able to hear & experience the songs.” then the new album will be out at midnight. Media websites are saying they’re contacting reps for the band for more info so we will see what happens next, I guess? We got to find out what the hell is going on?nickcave_0183

So what the hell am I going to say now? That’s the last Bad Seeds line-up above but the last tour Cave did say Barry Adamson left but will he be back for this new album? He’s pretty much just released his own new album this year but is that so he can then do Bad Seeds stuff later in the year? Warren Ellis has been having a few Dirty Three shows too but nothing is booked later in the year and just put out a solo film soundtrack last year too. George Vjestica only played on two songs on the last Bad Seeds album and wasn’t even in the band on the Aussie tour, Ed Kuepper played guitar in the band which if I had the choice, it would be Ed! I really want a Bad Seeds album with Kuepper but will that happen or not? Maybe not, I think will be the answer. Thomas Wydler played drums on the last album but wasn’t on the tour but was back on the so-called “Solo” tour, Jim Sclavunos played drums on the tour but was only percussion on the last album. Conway Savage only sung backing vocals on the last album and then Larry Mullins was the keyboards’ player on that “Solo” too, he’s ex-Swans and Iggy Pop. Also Martyn P. Casey played bass off-course. So I guess we will have wait and see but I think my dream line-up be on this new Bad Seeds album would be something like Barry Adamson, Warren Ellis, Ed Kuepper, Thomas Wydler, Larry Mullins, Martyn P. Casey.

 Off-course that last album was called Push The Sly Away, no title for this new album yet but it could just be called Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds you know? They have never had a self-titled album but it would be a bit boring. That last album was 2013 but had the doco/feature-film 20,000 Days On Earth in 2014 with the single Give Us A Kiss and the stand alone single Animal X too, then Nick Cave had the book called The Sick Bag Song in 2015. I just re-read that again it really is an amazing bit of writing. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis did the soundtrack to the movie called Far From Men. My guess for this film of the new albums songs is going to be directed by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, who did 20, 000 Days too. It does say it’s a “live” film of The Bad Seeds performing new tracks so is it live in the recording studio? Or somewhere else? I guess we will find that out too.

I would love ten plus new songs on this album but this post is just turning into a wish list now, I’m just making all this shit up in my head. I have to say Push The Sky Away was pretty much a dream album come true for me, I’ve been waiting for something like that for a longtime but in a interview I did read somewhere a while ago Cave did say he need to put a full stop behind that album so he can move on to the next thing, I’m guessing it going to be a bit different to that one. It’s be three years so that’s a big gap in between albums, what else? Oh he’s only released three live albums in that time too. This release date for the new album is just before his 59th birthday on 22nd of Sept and also his wife, Susie has go herself a fashion label called  The Vampire’s Wife this year too, you know?

God I can write alot about Cave but I think I’ve got to do a post about re-reading The Sick Bag Song and My Top Ten Albums of his and maybe even write about that last great gig of Bad Seeds I got to see over next few months before this new album comes out, OK?



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