Shall Be Released: King by Mike Noga

Well, The Drones have released a new album earlier this year and just done their Aussie tour, so now it’s time for the ex-member, old drummer and solo artist Mike Noga to put out his own new album which is going to be his third. 26th August is when new album is released and is called KING which is all in caps lock. It’s what he’s been working on since leaving The Drones a couple of years ago now. It was produced by Something For Kate‘s Paul Dempsey, who Mike has also previously played drums for too and Paul has just released his own solo album called Strange Loop this year which also is his third solo album. KING is a “concept album” loosely based on George Büchner‘s famous 1830’s play Woyzeck and includes the Aussie actor Noah Taylor as “The Narrator”. It’s told in three acts and prologue just like in say a theater and has 12 songs on it and here’s the track listing:

1. Mary
2. Nobody Leads Me to Flames

3. Don’t Fall to the Ground
4. All My Friends are Alcoholics
5. The Deceiver

6. Love Meets No Stranger
7. Runnin’ at the World
8. I Wanna Live in America
9. Down Like JFK

10. Mary (Reprise)
11. Greys to Reds
12. Jack and Mary (Coda)

Yes, the already classic track All My Friends Are Alcoholics is finally make it on to an album, It’s been kicking around for years so I can’t wait to hear the studio version but here’s a live recording: 

The KING album cover art:


The album also has a trailer too: 

You can pre-order here.3019846

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