Top Tens: Einstürzende Neubauten Albums

So I’m just going to do another one of my Top Tens now, so far I’m only done two which are Prince and Radiohead. Now Einstürzende Neubauten which are pretty much one of my fave bands that have been going for a very, very, very longtime actually since April 1st 1980, Fool’s Day. They’re one of my most early music discovery, thinking about it now I found about them even before Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. So after Blixa Bargeld & Teho Teardo new album on the previous post I might as well do them because I did end up getting a couple of old albums which are reissues from their website. I’ve had them forever but not real copy’s of the albums so it’s cool having them now after all these years, more about them as I go down the list. These are all studio albums, well no they’re not, What are you talking about? I’ve got a double disc comp album and live recordings on a USB but I just had to included those and I’m not going say sorry for it too!


1. Silence Is Sexy (2000) Has to be my number one album, almost nothing can’t get past it in my opinion and I mean by anyone anywhere anytime. Mostly recorded in the last year of the twenty century and then released as their first album of the twenty-first century. I love all these songs, they’re just no bad songs on it. It’s just one of the most perfect album actually, I should really write a Classic Album post about it in full but I do keep saying that alot.


2. Tabula Rasa (1993) So this album was the first one I ever got back in the early 90’s when first discover this band, seeing the Die Interimsliebenden and Blume video clips. Around the same time that Japanese film was shown on Aussie TV too, I don’t know how that had happen really but it was, at 2 or 3 AM in the morning which I taped onto VHS too. I still remember traveling six hours on a bus getting to a city with a shop which had it, oh how things have changed now.


3. Ende Neu (1996) Which means Ending New but is also the last four letters in the first word of the band’s name and then the first three letter of the second word of Einstürzende Neubauten too, if you didn’t know that? It’s only written once on the cover with blue and red highlighting the album title of the rest. Only eight songs on this but it’s still wins the bronze medal from me. So that’s pretty much the three albums for the 90’s taking the top spots in my list.


4.½ Mensch (1985) In English that’s Half Man, you know? Well the last one had an eye on the cover now we have some teeth. Third album and another one I can hold in my hands now, I don’t know why I didn’t have it before? I guess I had the music one way but buying it is really totally different, all the artwork, English translation and all the credits, it’s all stuff I love looking at. It’s just a beautiful reissue.


5. Zeichnungen des Patienten O. T. (1983) or Drawings of Patient O. T. in English and is the second album overall and was really, really hard to pick which one of this and the above album but than just makes it before this one but all these 80’s albums are total motherfuckers of records, mind-blowing doesn’t even begin to explain them.


6. Kollaps (1981) Or it’s just Collapse in England. It’s the epic debut album which somehow is sixth in my overall thingy here, that’s just mind-boggling really but I guess it just proves how fucking great this band really is, hey? This is them at their most brutal and harsh too which is saying alot because I’m talking about EN.


7. Fünf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala (1987) That album title once again in English is: Five on the open ended Richter Scale. Yet another one of the albums I finally now own. It’s only seven tracks but got one extra on this reissue and it’s forty eight minutes which not bad really, it’s been one of my four fave album from the 80’s of theirs for such a longtime. Plus it’s fourth studio album by in the whole scheme and once again it’s a wonderful reissue too.


8. Strategies Against Architecture IV (2010) The fourth in this comp album set is the only one which makes it into my ten at number eight. It covers the years 2002 to 2010 like it says on the cover so it’s only one from that point in time but it covers all those bases. I had to have something from those years maybe I should have have included 15 or 20 albums. The Strategies Against Architecture are a pretty great series too, I’ve got three out the four.


9.  Lament (2014) I just have to have this album in my ten even if the band didn’t call it a real album, it’s a recording of an event you should be see live in concert, pity I couldn’t see it live in Australia so I just got the album or not album or whatever you call it? It’s based on the events of World War I, it’s only been 100 year since WWI and we as a race of people never a lesson, it’s a pretty big one plus also add WW II too it.


10. The Australia Tour 2013 USB Stick Well, I just have to included this as my number ten because this was when I got to see them live and here are the live recordings of both those Melbourne shows I got to see, I can re-live it anytime I what too now because most likely I’ll have to go to Europe if I want to see them again. That was the first tour in 20 years here and it don’t seem to be happening again anytime soon. Oh my god these were great shows, if you missed them and live down under you can’t call yourself a fan.


So that’s my top ten, what do you think? What’s your’s or just your fave album of all-time maybe? You know you can post a comment if you wanna?



  1. I just want to say, sorry for being creepy and liking old posts, but ehm, I just love blog posts on Cave/Neubauten.

    Also, my faves are the ones you didn’t include: Alles Wieder Offen and Perpetuum Mobile. The Lament record (or whatever), it breaks my heart how I didn’t get that, nor the show, at all. The show was just confusing, is it some sort of 80s art project…? Maybe I’ll understand when I’m older 😛


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