New Music: Mark Kozelek Sings Favorites + Cover Versions: Modest Mouse’s Float On by Mark Kozelek

It’s been a month since I did anything on here. So I’ll start with some news of two coming new albums out next year. Both for Mark Kozelek’s project Sun Kil Moon. First last week he announced double album for Sun Kil Moon called Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood, released on February 28th, 2017 then just yesterday announced a new collaboration with Jesu called 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth, released on June 1, 2017 both on his own label Caldo Verde Records.

Not much more info other than two epic new songs from each album but the they’re both a long wait off, the first one is over six months away. I guess he’s letting everyone know what’s happening. God Bless Ohio and He’s Bad are both wicked tracks and great previews for these albums, one about his home state and the other about Micheal Jackson. First he gives insight of growing up and now as an “old man” also sings about all the fucked-up things that happen there but also sings about his mother again. Second is pretty much what everyone thinks about Jackson but never say but he sings it all and then some.


Sings Favorites was out at the end of May so once again I am a bit late with this review but I don’t know if I can call these posts reviews really anyway? I should come up with some other word. If you don’t know yet this is a cover album of other people’s songs and he’s done a few cover albums before this one too but this is just a piano one. It’s mainly just him singing with some famous cameos on backing vocals. Then it’s just Chris Connolly playing piano, with the excerpt of two songs which are played by Joshua Brody, both have worked with him before. Connolly has been the main piano player since the Mark Kozelek & Desertshore album, he is a member of Desertshore and has played on all of his albums since then, co-wrote UK Blues for Among The Leaves album, played on a couple of songs on the Benji album, co-wrote the last song on Universal Themes album and co-wrote the song Exodus from this year’s album Jesu/Sun Kil Moon. Brody previous played on Kozelek Sings Christmas Carols and again here plays on yet another traditional Xmas song. Connolly is photograph by Mark sitting at a white grand piano on the inside fold out image too.

Also as a side note now the above image is the actually album cover photo with only a white sticker with the album title on the sealed plastic so the one you see on almost all websites is the back cover image, it’s a rap around photo but the one you see everywhere else is is not on the front cover but on the back with the title, track listing, bar code etc. Anyway it is yet another album cover taken by Mark himself. He’s taken almost all of them, you know?

I got to say after a couple of months of listening to this album, it’s not better than the Like Rats album, my favorite cover album of his. I do have my fave four tracks by now which are Win, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Get Along Home Cindy and Float On. The rest are fine but I think I like the another version he’s done of Send In The Clowns, Moon River is pretty cool, I’m Not In Love is good, the next two are just fine, Amanda is OK, I don’t think he tops any of previous Xmas songs with this new one, Something Stupid is actually pretty cool too.

It’s all very chili and mellow music on this album but that’s kind off the opposite to almost all of Jesu/Sun Kil Moon album which came out only at the start of the year. This is not quite as great as that album but it’s pretty nice to just put on to relax to it really. I have to included the last song on the album below and the original Modest Mouse now classic from 2004’s album called Good News for People Who Love Bad News. I think I’ll rated Mark Kozalek Sings Favorites three and half out of five.

Mark Kozalek – Float On

Modest Mouse – Float On


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