Shall Be Released: You Yang by Lost Animal

Right, I just have to post something about this up coming album, finally it’s got a date and I’ve pre-ordered it today. So I just got share it with you, whoever you are? It’s called You Yang by Lost Animal. Yes, the name of the artist is Lost Animal and the new album named You Yang. The release date is 21/09/16 and I really can’t wait for this one too. With all these big name releasing new albums this year could this album be better than all of them and win the top spot overall? These guys should be more well known really I think, if that counts for something.

The debut album by Lost Animal which was called Ex Tropical and was released back in 2011 has been one of my most fave albums in the last few years, I’ve been playing it pretty regularly over those that time. I must have heard sometime last year they were following in up and it’s almost with us now. It taken a while with five years in between these two albums but I bet it will be worth the wait. I really can’t say so much great thing about that last album, it was unbelievably wicked!

So Lost Animal is pretty much the singer-songwriter Jarrod Quarrell. Who’s previous bands was St. Helens who had one and only album called Heavy Profession in 2009 was pretty good but not as great as Ex Tropical plus he’s was in a couple of other earlier bands dating back to the early 2000’s Melbourne music scene. Off course I can’t forget to say about the other member of Lost Animal, Shags Chamberlain who’s played in some other Aussie bands like Architecture In HelsinkiPikelet etc. and both picture together far, far below and above. I’ve got my hands on the track listing, album cover so they’re below. Plus the first track was released about a month ago, Do The Jerk is the first taste from the coming album.

You Yang track listing:

1. Leave It On The Street
2. Where It Ends
3. Do The Jerk
4. Prisoners Island
5. Message For The Future
6. Take Care Stay Safe
7. Too Late To Die Young
8. Cross The Water
9. New Years Day

The You Yang album cover:


You Yang first track/single Do The Jerk:

Shags (left) and Jarrod (right)

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