Live Gigs: Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds @ Mojo’s

Seems I haven’t done any posts about live shows lately well, I’m only just started to posting anything again here in the last few days. Anyway Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds was the best show I’ve been too in a while now, so fuckin entertaining! These guys should be more well known, reading press about this tour too much is focus on his past glory with Kid Congo being a ex-member of The Gun Club, The Cramps and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds but as he points out in some of the interviews I was reading this band now Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds is his most longest running musical project he’s been involved with, beating all his other bands included those more well known ones.

His real name is Brian Tristan aka Kid Congo Powers, just before starting this band he was in Knoxville Girls for late 90’s early 2000’s, in mid-2000 he released one album under Kid & Khan ‎called Bad English which kind-off after Marianne Faithfull’s 1979 album Broken English well as least the artwork. Before that was the 90’s Congo Norvell plus various solo releases too but you can’t forget the short lived 80’s band Fur Bible too. Also I have to say somehow he played with The Angels Of Light, Michael Gira‘s band in between the Swans break-up and reform. Amazing back catalog and then the Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds had their debut album in 2005 called Philosophy & Underwear, followed by 2009’s Dracula Boots then Gorilla Rose in 2011, Haunted Head came out in 2013 and then earlier this year in April the latest album La Araña Es La Vida.


So last time they tour here W.A. missed out but not this Aussie tour. Last night was so fuckin’ amazing! Before they hit the stage the local legends The Painkillers which I haven’t seen in a while now so it was great to see again but I forgotten they’re a four piece band now not just a duo of acoustic guitar and drum kit. James Baker has been playing drums for year and years, more than most people have been alive. Joe/Josh did trash his acoustic like he was going to break it into two bits but he’s got an electric or two. I did remember seeing the first show as the four piece and thinking they are good but they lost something and now are like every other rock band out. The bass player is Marty P. Casey who also in a band/s might know Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and The Triffids. He lives in Freo so when he’s not globetrotting he plays in The Painkillers. I was going to be the annoying fan and ask about  Skeleton Tree but didn’t. The extra guitar player is also famous for something else too, Richard Lane from The Stems. They did play a great set too but I did see James and I was going to be annoying and say I liked your band when it was just a duo but I didn’t.

So on to the main event and oh what a killer band, they totally rocked the place. You can’t help but doing the pogo, well I couldn’t. Playing alot of the new album and I just had to buy it, well I got all of them they had for sell because they’re that great. Surprising they thrown in three Gun Club tracks in the set, I guess he was a founding member and Jeffrey Lee Pierce isn’t around to play them anymore. She’s Like Heroin To Me was like second or third song into the set, Sex Beat was later on close the end and then in the encore Jack On Fire, unbelievable! Amazing I always think I’m never going see those tracks played live when I listen to Fire Of Love album. Another cover they also played was I Found A Peanut which was wicked, original by Thee Midniters, they re-recorded it on Dracula Boots album a few years ago. This is like only the second gig of this Aussie tour so if you can get to one of the shows over east it will be worth it, totally great live band are Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds. Go and see them if they come to you town!


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