Cover Versions: The Breeders’ Cannonball by Courtney Barnett

Well, after yesterday’s post I figure I might have Barnett doing a Cover Version now. I haven’t done one of these posts for a while. Courtney’s done a few covers over the last few years but I think this is my fave, oh or it could just be her version of The Boys Next Doors’ Shivers which I have already got here so got to put this here too. That last show of her I’d seen at the start of this year I talked about yesterday she did Nirvana’s Polly’s Lip, oh which off course is a cover originally by The Vaselines anyway CB’s version was pretty great live.

The Breeders is one of my fave bands from the 90’s and Barnett is a fave right now so it all adds up. So she did this cover a couple of years ago now back in late 2014. She done it live at some of her shows too but I’ve never see it unfortunately. Early this year news broken CB when on her last USA tour stopped by to The Breeders in their recording studio and sung some backing vocals on a track, she said later that “my contribution is tiny”. I don’t know when this new Breeders album is coming out, they been working on it awhile now I know and it’s something like eight years now since the last one was release.

I have to included these happy snaps from Facebook of them together now the top image is The Breeders, left to right: Kelly Deal, Josephine Wiggs and Kim Deal. Then below them with Courtney in the middle and her band guys Bones and Dave up the back. Smiley faces!

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