Shall Be Released: The Test by Civil Civic

Well, looks at that: yet another one of my fave Aussie bands have going to a new album out very soon. So now I’ll share the info with you here Civil Civic have got October 14th as the release date for the new album called The Test.

They’re Aaron Cupples and Benjamin Green a Melbourne duo who are now based in London and Barcelona, respectively. Civil Civic are totally wicked live band which pretty much my into to them, I got to see them over in Melbourne a few years ago now. I did buy the album straight after the show, it was that much of a great gig. That was the debut album Rules which has been out since 2011 so that was five year ago, just a little wait in between albums for everyone. This is a bit like deja view here because I’m almost saying the same thing last week about Lost Animal new album. Hey! Did you know they’re currently on tour in Europe right now? So check them out if you can, I will again as soon as I can. Find below the track listing, track times, album cover artwork and first taste from the album. Also I’ve pre-order it here, you can too!

The Test track listing and times:

1. The Island 4:03
2. The Mirror 6:21
3. The Crush 5:25
4. The Hunt 6:16
5. The Lull 2:33
6. The Shift 4:24
7. The Slide 7:35
8. The Gift 2:34

The Test album cover art work:


The first track The Hunt has been out for a while, I don’t know how I miss it but here it is:


Ben (left) and Aaron (right)


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