Wicked Song: Frankie by Powell Ft. Jonnine Standish + Shall Be Released: Sports By Powell

Here’s Joooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnineeeeeeeee! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with that one, she most likely get’s that all the bloody time but who wouldn’t love to see her chop down a door with an axes? Maybe in the next video! This time Jonnine Standish from the HTRK duo has joined up with Powell for the first taste from his debut album. Do I get excited by the strangest things?

I’m and well everyone else in the world should been waiting for the next HTRK album but the last one was only out in 2014 so we should stop being impatient shit/s. In the meantime we can listen to this. Powell‘s new track featuring Jonnine but she is credited as Frankie here or could be is this track just named Frankie [ft. Frankie] I’ve only just found it but it’s been out for two weeks now, you know? Just have to add it to my page, it makes me so happy listening to it. 🙂

Screenshot (1)

So that’s Standish above/main image taken for the Frankie video clip. When I usually write these Shall Be Released posts here it’s because I’ve got something on order but I really do think I’ve just got to pre-order this whole album too. I’ve had just this track on a loop all morning. So I’ve got just a few posts on HTRK here on my thingy and have said before they’re pretty much one of my fave band, I think it would be safe to say top two. So instead of writing about them again, I’ll write the little I know about Powell which is not much at all.

He’s known to me only before and maybe to you too because of the billboard he made of Steve Albini’s email last year which I just can’t help myself but to re-post it here now:steve-albini-billboard

Oh, the only other thing is a Powell Sports is a pickup truck for the 60’s/70’s made in the good old USA.

Anyway I’ve just got to included the track listing and album cover artwork below because that’s what I seem to do here. I’ve got to say I have notice track seven called Jonny [ft. Jonny] because when Jonnine Standish featured on the late great Rowland S. Howard‘s last album in 2009 it was on a track called (I Know) A Girl Called Jonny. Is this more Standish or someone else totally difference maybe with the name Frank and he just mixed up the two names on the two songs? I don’t know? I guess we will see, Sports is released on October 14. His full name is Oscar Powell and he’s got a song on the album called Fuck You, Oscar. Reading a little about him as I’m writing this post I really like this bit: “The club music Oscar wanted to hear didn’t exist, so he made it himself.” He has previously released nine E.P.s/Singles which I’ve now got to check out before this album comes out.

Sports track listing:

 1. FiT_17
2. Fuck You, Oscar
3. Frankie [ft. Frankie]
4. Big Keith [‘Ok Ok’ Mix]
5. Skype
6. Junk
7. Jonny [ft. Jonny]
8. Beat 20_194r
9. Gettin’ Paid to Be Yourself [Al’s ‘Kick Ass’ Mix]
10. Do You Rotate? [ft. Dale Cornish]
11. Her Face
12. Gone a Bit Bendy [NTS Chatroom Version]
13. Plastic
14. Mad Love [ft. Loke Rahbek]

So the Sports album cover artwork is below, really it is but you just can’t see most of it.


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