Shall Be Released: Intoxicated Women by Mick Harvey + Cover Versions: Serge Gainsbourg & France Gall’s Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth by Mick & Solomon Harvey

Did you know ex-Bad Seeds’ Mick Harvey has got another Gainsbourg cover album coming out soon? Intoxicated Women – Volume 4 Of Serge Gainsbourg Translations and it’s out on 4th November too. Edit (15/11/16) Out now on 20 January 2017. I really loved his 1995 album Intoxicated Man, still rate it as his best solo album. The real sequel is coming now even if he made two more Gainsbourg album in the meantime. I did skip the last one which just came out earlier this year, I did have a listen but didn’t buy Delirium Tremens which was Volume 3. Then before that was 1997 album Pink Elephants which was a little disappointing but it did have some wicked moments.

This new one does sound like the most interesting since the very first album because mainly it’s duets. Harvey is always a collaborating musician and never the strongest singer or even front man/solo artist so having pretty much a whole album of duets is sounding like a greatest idea to me. Don’t get me wrong I do think his solo album in 2011 after leaving The Bad Seeds called Sketches From The Book Of The Dead was the best work he’s done since that 95 album. Off course the main gig he’s been doing since is one of PJ Harvey side-men now, Nick Cave’s ex-lover and ex-band mate together on stage/album. Serge Gainsbourg always had such great and amazing duets, it’s the one I’ve wanted Harvey to do forever well, the 90’s. It’s not all duets but it’s also his songwriting with singers such as France Gall, Juliette Greco and most famously, Brigitte Bardot. Yet another part of Serge’s best work, the two best I would say and here Harvey’s got fifteen track listing too. With killer line-up the latest and greatest Melbourne singers who are yes, female plus if you wanted more the opening song is Je T’Aime in German.

The recording in late 2015 in Melbourne with J.P. Shilo which both worked on Rowland S. Howard’s 2009 album Pop Crimes together. The rest is his live band at Birdland Studios then the project relocated to Berlin to recorded with Toby Dammit aka Larry Mullins and Bertrand Burgalat who did all the string arranging on the first two volumes. All the guest singers are Channthy Kak (Cambodian Space Project), Aussie singers Xanthe Waite (Terry, Primo), Sophia Brous, Lyndelle-Jayne Spruyt and Jess Ribeiro and the German chanteuse Andrea Schroeder plus on the song Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth Mick Harvey’s son, Solomon.

Here’s where you can pre-order Intoxicated Women too.

The Intoxicated Women track listing and the featured vocalists:

1. Ich Liebe Dich…Ich Dich Auch Nicht (Je T’Aime… Moi Non Plus)
– featuring Andrea Schroeder & Mick Harvey on vocals
2. All Day Suckers (Les Sucettes) – with Mick Harvey on vocals
3. Contact – featuring Channthy Kak & Xanthe Waite on vocals
4. Prévert’s Song (Chanson de Prévert) – featuring Jess Ribeiro & Mick Harvey on vocals
5. The Eyes To Cry (Les Yeux Pour Pleurer) – featuring Sophia Brous on vocals
6. Puppet Of Wax, Puppet Of Song (Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son) – featuring Xanthe Waite on vocals
7. Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth (Dents de Lait, Dents de Loup)
– featuring Solomon Harvey & Mick Harvey on vocals
8. God Smokes Havanas (Dieu est un Fumeur des Havanes)
– featuring Andrea Schroeder & Mick Harvey on vocals
9. While Rereading Your Letter (En Relisant Ta Lettre)
– featuring Sophia Brous & Mick Harvey on vocals
10. Sensuelle et Sans Suite – featuring Lyndelle-Jayne Spruyt on vocals
11. The Homely Ones (Les Petits Boudins) – featuring Xanthe Waite on vocals
12. Lost Loves (Les Amours Perdues) – with Mick Harvey on vocals
13. Striptease – featuring Andrea Schroeder on vocals
14. The Drowned One (La Noyée) – featuring Jess Ribeiro & Mick Harvey on vocals
15. Cargo Cult (Cargo Culte) – with Mick Harvey on vocals

The album cover artwork of Intoxicated Women:


Listen to Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth by Mick Harvey and his son Solomon Harvey:

Here’s the original track too by Serge Gainsbourg & France Gall:

The solo Mick Harvey below, photo credit by L.J.Spruyt Photography.


p.s. So is everybody really for my Nick Cave week? I’m going to start posting on the 1st Sept. in like two days? Just before the release of the new album by The Bad Seeds, I’ve hoping to post something up each day until the 8th/9th Sept. the release of first the film and then album, fingers crossed I can put that off it’s seven days of something complete different. I guess we will see much I can do I might just get bored writing about one artist but it’s Cave so it should be a cakewalk because I’m pretty hyped about Skeleton Tree. It’s only twelve days to go now!

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