New Music: A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead

Well, I’m going now to write a little about the new Radiohead album. The internet is most likely full of reviews, every man and his dog talking about this album since it’s been dropped on May 8th digital then the physical release on June 17 but with very special edition coming next month. Seem like a good time for me to add my two cents wroth now. I did write a post pretty much the day when Burn The Witch was available with my Top Ten releases by the band and it’s members. I throw in that new song at number ten spot then because I was enjoying it so much at the time. Even now here I’ll say it’s still my fave from the whole album. I totally and absolutely loved the last two album’s The King Of Limbs (2011) and In Rainbows (2007) and in that ten were my top two albums plus Yorke’s side project Atoms For Peace album Amok (2013) came in third too because I think what they’re doing or have done in the last ten years or so is much interesting and challenging etc than say the same old 90’s stuff everyone raves about. Anyway that’s the intro, how does this new one match up to those for me?

Well, I’ll rated it now at almost at the top of the page, it’s got to be four point seven out of five or should that be written like 4.7/5. It does have that adventure of of the past albums but mellowing with age too yet still pushing the envelope froward yet again. The  electronic now mixed in with the acoustic guitars then all strings washing over the top of everything, it’s very cinematically. I did know or guess it was going to be somewhat of a “break-up” album because how could it not be with Thom’s long term relationship ending after 25 years? I find it amazing fact that Radiohead have been trying to recorded the song True Love Waits right and never being satisfied with it in all the recording sessions since the mid-90’s and now finally they make it work. A Moon Shaped Pool is full of references to failed love and/or ending love. Melancholic would one word you could easily use but it’s really not totally sad in a bleak way, it’s more comforting than everything else. I just got to included Daydreaming now and the Thom’s looking for something video clip now.

The recording for the album from what I know was taken right back to 2014 in La Fabrique Studios in Saint-Rémy de Provence, the south of France. Then by in 2015 they where in RAK Studios in London to recording with an orchestra. Then finishing up early this year which is a very long time for a album to be made. Not all that time was full-time recording, long breaks in between various sessions but guitarist Jonny Greenwood did say he estimated that 80% of the album was recorded in only one two-week period which I find pretty amazing really.

A Moon Shaped Pool tracking listing and times:

1. Burn The Witch – 3:40
2. Daydreaming – 6:24
3. Decks Dark – 4:41
4. Desert Island Disk – 3:44
5. Ful Stop – 6:07
6. Glass Eyes – 2:52
7. Identikit – 4:26
8. The Numbers – 5:45
9. Present Tense – 5:06
10. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief – 5:03
11. True Love Waits – 4:43

It’s a beautiful album which it’s got to be on my player at least a few times a week since it’s release. So now just little bit that pop out from me: The Decks Dark opening lines are “And in your life, there comes the darkness, There’s a spacecraft blocking out the sky” which goes on to tell amazing story in a song. Which is just after the Daydreaming the albums longest song and the opening track Burn The Witch. The repeated closing lyrics to Desert Island Disk “You know what I mean? Different types of love are possible” is just wonderful. Ful Stop is a up-beat track at just the right place, do I need to point out Radiohead really do know how to make a album flow? Then the shortest song Glass Eyes just before I have to given extra kudos to the song Identikit at number seven, yet another prefect placed up-beat song right the middle of the track listing plus it’s my second fave. The Numbers is least fave number on the album for me, sorry to say. Present Tense has one the greatest guitar riff ever, a real groove to dance “As my world comes crashing down.” Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief is pretty good too but the closing track True Love Waits is totally unbelievable way to finish the album, god I love Radiohead’s piano tracks so much and I guess my third fave. I guess I’m most likely not saying anything new here but it’s my view of one the best albums of the year. So to finish of this post just join in with the ending of True Love Waits as Thom sings “Just don’t leave, don’t leave.”



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