Cover Versions: My 10 Fav Nick Cave Songs Performed by Other Artists

So after yesterday’s post of Cave doing other songwriters tracks I’ve just got to do other artists doing his songs today. I’ll say these are my favs of all the covers done of his tracks made over the years. I did a whole post on the number one track awhile ago now but if you missed it, The Weeping Song by Sun Kil Moon. I’ll most likely could do a few more posts sometimes soon to cover some other good ones I like. They’re just a few that just missed out here but if you really want to share your fav/s please do leave it in the comments.

So originally here where they’re all from: the the first one the duet with Blixa Bargeld from 90’s The Good Soon album. The next three are from 97’s The Boatman’s Call album and then next two are From 94’s Let Love In album. Then one from 86’s Your Funnel My Trial album which was written by Blixa Bargeld & Anita Lane not Cave. Then got The Birthday Party from the final recordings 83’s The Bad Seed/Mutiny and next is 88’s Tender Prey and finishing with 92’s Henry’s Dream album so you could say it’s just 80’s and 90’s which is right! I’ll have to make it up to the songs from the 2000’s and even 2010’s real soon, OK?

#1. Sun Kil Moon – The Weeping Song (2015)

#2. Sharon Van Etten – People Ain’t No Good (2013)

#3. Mark Lanegan – Brompton Oratory (2013)

#4. Jimmy Little – (Are You) The One I’m Waiting For? (1999)

#5. Ed Kuepper – Do You Love Me? (1995)

#6. PJ Harvey – Red Right Hand (2014)

#7. Fever Ray – Stranger Than Kindness (2009)

#8.  The Mountain Goats – Wild World (2006)

#9. Johnny Cash – The Mercy Seat (2000)

#10. Xiu Xiu – Jack The Ripper (2005)

Where else can you find these tracks? That Sun Kil Moon one has only be recorded live, just released last year and yet to be on any of his albums yet. Sharon Van Etten’s was done on Aussie radio triple J in 2013, they do put out comp albums each year of only a few covers done over the year, they have one each Friday morning for most of the year but this didn’t end up on that volume that year. Mark Lanegan’s one is on his cover album called Imitation. Jimmy Little‘s has been reissued on a comp of his last two recording sessions/albums on Songman including some wicked out-takes that didn’t make the cut at the time, sadly Little passed away in 2012. Ed Kuepper’s was record back in the 90’s and was included on his comp cover album Reflections Of Ol’ Golden Eye. PJ Harvey’s was for the TV show Peaky Blinders. Fever Ray was a bonus track of her debut self titled album. The Mountain Goats’ was another triple J one and can be found on the comp called Like A Version 2. Johnny Cash’s was on his album called American III: Solitary Man. Xui Xui is on a whole cover comp of “80’s” tracks they have done over the years.

I suppose this image a little miss leading they’re no metal covers here. I wanted something the opposite of yesterday pic. The photo is Nick Cave with metal head Phil Anselmo, Nick’s wearing one of his latest band Down merch but Phil is most famous for 90’s band Pantera. Unlike the last post of Cave with Cash this was just back stage a few years ago at a festival not in a recording studio, god only knows what it would sound like if these two did end up recording together.

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So what did you think about my picks? Did you like them? Or Not? I think I might love covers a little bit too much where most think they’re all just OK! Do you have any fave/s? What is it/them?



  1. I really liked the The Weeping Song cover, hadn’t heard it before. Loved the minimalistic sound, and the piano, ever so nice.

    And the PJ one – hadn’t heard it before either. Really good, and Fever Ray too of course. And Johnny Cash – how could you not love it?

    My faves: Amanda Palmer’s cover of The Ship Song, My Ruin’s rendition of Do You Love Me, and Josh Groban’s cover of Straight to You – I just want him to make an entire Nick cover record. Mainly because I feel with a voice like that, you need a few good songs. I can’t help but feel he’s currently wasting his talent 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh cool, that’s wicked man and cheers for sharing it with me! So Micheal your band called Moonlamb Project, right? do you have a bandcamp or something? I will try a give the whole album or whatever a listen? 🙂


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