Top Tens: Nick Cave Albums

It’s all finally happening tomorrow, I might write something after watching the movie. So seems the new album is kind-off out after that I’m going to pick out my Top Tens albums today before it all happens tomorrow. This is now part eight of a week of my Nick Cave posts: Movies & soundtracks, Wicked new song, Covers he’s done, Covers of his tracks, Playlist of fave 50 tracks, Re-reading his last book, 20,000 days film & live gigs and hopefully it’s all not too bad, is it? Did you enjoy it? I’ve done a few of these posts before, it’s going to be part five in this set so far I’ve done Prince, RadioheadEinstürzende Neubauten and Swans. I don’t know if anyone else will agree with this list, do you? It’s just my opinion and pretty much my listening habits too!


1. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ Henry’s Dream (1992) The first Bad Seeds album I got so it most likely win by default. What I’ve read about the band thinks it wasn’t recorded right and isn’t what they wanted but to me it’s totally prefect. I think I could write alot more about this album at a later date. The one and only album he’s ever done in USA too. With the singles Straight To You, Jack The Ripper and I Had A Dream Joe. Highlights: Papa Won’t Leave You Henry, Brother My Cup Is Empty, Christina The Astonishing and Loom Of The Land.


2. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ Push With Sky Away (2013) was the kind-off album I was waiting for The Bad Seeds to make for a very long so when it hit it just takes my head off at my shoulders. I could write more about this album too. The second one to be recorded in France. With the four amazing singles of We No Who U R, Mermaids, Jubilee Street and Higgs Boson Blues are classics. Highlights: Wide Lovely Eyes, Water’s Edge, We Real Cool, Finishing Jubilee Street and Push The Sky Away.


3. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ Your Funeral… My Trail (1986) was original released on double 12″ that played at 45 not 33 and even called by the band an E.P. at the time. Following the Kicking Against The Pricks cover album which was recorded because he didn’t have any songs because he was writing his first novel at the time. It’s unbelievable album for a band who was just thinking oh we might as recorded these few songs anyway. One of a few albums done in Berlin & London. No real singles or video clips to promo it at the time too. Highlights: Sad Water, Your Funnel… My Trail, Hard On For Love and She Fell Away.


4. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ No More Shall We Part (2001) came four years after the last album which is still the longest wait in between albums. Warren Ellis really comes right to front for the first time here and Cave writing here for the first time after his final go at rehab so it’s his stone cold sober debut album. His second Abbey Road studio album but Westside Studios was used too, both in London. The singles As I Sat Sadly By Your Side, Love Letter and 15 Feet Of Pure White Snow. Highlights: Hallelujah, Sweetheart Come, The Sorrowful Wife, Darker With The Day and Oh My Lord.


5. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ Let Love In (1994) is the one with Red Right Hand and the other singles at the time Loverman and Do You Love Me? but also had the band/fan fav of Nobody’s Baby Now too. The final one recorded of my three fav 90’s albums and the one of a few he’s done in Melbourne but only one on my list started there and finished in London. Just before the next stage of the biggest selling album/hit single, then their most critically acclaimed album and quickly followed with The Best Of comp album. Highlights: Jangling Jack, I Let Love In, Lay Me Low, Do You Love Me? (Part 2) and Thirsty Dog.


6. The Birthday Party’s Mutiny/The Bad Seed (1983) is the exploding or should that be imploding band’s final recording sessions/E.P.’s draw together all in one place. I’ve got to have them in my ten here, it’s masterclass in chaos. Rowland S. Howard’s guitar playing on songs are so great to here too, everyone was at they best but it’s also it’s the end. Blixa’s also make a cameo on the last track and yet another done in Berlin & London. Highlights: Sonny’s Burning, Wild World, Deep In The Woods, Swampland and Mutiny In Heaven.


7. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ From Her To Eternity (1984) was the debut album of Nick Cave featuring The Bad Seeds so says the album at the time of the release. Done quickly  after the ashes of The Birthday Party was still smoking. Another one also done in Berlin & London. They’re trying to do something totally different with the single/video of old Elvis Presley’s In The Ghetto and opening track of Leonard Cohen’s Avalanche. Highlights: From Her To Eternity, A Box For Black Paul, Wings Off Files and Saint Huck. 


8. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (2008) would be my pick from this run of albums, sandwich in between the two Grinderman albums. Now it seems a very import set of albums and something just has to be included here, Lazarus wins it out of them. Cave learning how to play guitar, fuck he hammed the wah-wah pedal on the tours. I liked how the fact Grinderman debut was dirty and raw rock but this was more poppy and even funky rock at times and Grinderman 2 was maybe somewhere in the middle but after it was time to move on to something different again. Yet another London recording sessions. Highlights: Jesus Of The Moon, Midnight Man and More News From Nowhere and We Call Upon The Author.


9. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ The Proposition soundtrack (2005) I just had to pick a soundtrack and it would be this first one maybe because just from that fact, it’s been around the longest. Stripping it down to just the duo but a few great cameos here Jim White & Mick Tuner both from Dirty Three too on some of songs. George Vjestica on the last couple, Doug Leitch on the first one and Marty Casey is playing the bass on a few. It’s amazing listening, coming just before Grinderman debut album and recorded in London again plus don’t forgotten the film’s screenplay was written by Cave himself. Highlights: Happyland, Down To The Valley, Gun Thing, The Rider Song and Clean Hands Dirty Hands.


10. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ The Good Soon (1990) finish of my top ten, I’m a 90’s kid so here it’s the beginning, the  middle and the end. The one and only album recorded in Brazil and kind-off the beginning of another run of great album which off course all three are on this list of mine. This would the first of a few you could call his piano albums, he’s even sitting at one on the cover from The Ship Song video clip. Highlights: single The Weeping Song, Lament, Lucy and Sorrow’s Child.

Above is the current Bad Seeds line-up with photo from the last recording session in 2013 because we haven’t got a band photo so far this year. So left to right is Nick Cave, Jim Sclavunos, Martyn Casey, Thomas Wydler and Warren Ellis.

So what is everyone’s fave Nick Cave albums? You got one or ten too?



  1. Thanks for the follow, mate, and great site. Have recently been writing posts on The Birthday Party and Prayers on Fire, while South Australia (where I live) is experiencing apocalyptic levels of rain like something out of And the Ass Saw the Angel. Nice to see Your Funeral My Trial and Let Love In in your top ten – both tied for my favourite. Great list. And thanks again for following me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice list! I think I got into them properly around the time of Henry’s Dream too. Nice to see No More Shall We Part on the list. I often feel that one gets overlooked. I didn’t dig Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! too much though. With such great albums it’s difficult to choose, but I would have included Murder Ballads, and Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus somewhere in mine (and of course Skeleton Tree now).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah ST would have to be there now, it’s so epic! I do love MB and AB/TLOO but it’s just 10 which was very hard to do, I don’t think he make a bad record ever really. Those ones I love just a little bit more than the others, you know?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve just reminded myself of The Boatman’s Call (which I love because I’ve always seen as a companion piece of PJ Harvey’s brilliant Is This Desire?) And yes, I agree not one real bad record. It was a tough choice, definately. 🙂

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