Wicked Songs: Kids On Fire by Gold Class

The new track by wicked cool Aussie band Gold Class came out a few days ago but because maybe it’s the wrong time to release new music. It’s never the wrong time for new music, what the hell am I saying?  I guess it might just get lost in all this Nick Cave stuff I’m writing about right now. It’s just like the new Jesu/Sun Kil Moon songs I posted about a couple of days ago, I’m really enjoying this one too. Melbourne musician and producer Geoffrey O’Connor directed the video too, check it out!

Gold Class are from Melbourne Australia, can you tell? I just had to use this photo not that you can really see them but you can in the video below. They have been around a few years now and the debut album called It’s You came out around this time last year, brilliant album I’ve been listening to it alot. I got to see them opening Golden Plains earlier this year, which always a hard gig being the first band on at a big festival but they always be remember because I was so excited to to be there and they just kill it too. They do have tour dates booked for oversea in Oct. UK and Europe and are playing two sold shows at The Tote before leaving but are playing Paradise Festival at the end of Nov. when they get back. Off course they’re not coming to Perth but if you can see them live please do so, they’re totally great live band.

So this is first song from the new album, no news about that yet. Kids On Fire was recorded at Tropical Fuck Storm Studios in Melbourne which if you don’t know is the recording studio Gareth Liddiard of The Drones build from scratch to record their last album, one of my fave bands of all-time you know? Aaron Cupples from Civil Civic produced the track, I don’t know if the whole new album was done at the same time yet? I guess it would! Cupples also worked on The Drones’ Gala Mill from 2005, which is most likely my fav album they have ever done also he did the new album that came out earlier this year Feelin Kinda Free. Also has worked with Paul Kelly, The Vaccines, Miles Kane etc.


Gold Class tour dates:

Oct 14: The Tote – Band Room, Collingwood, Australia

Oct 15: The Tote – Band Room, Collingwood, Australia

Oct 23: Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton, UK

Oct 24: The Star And Garter, Manchester, UK

Oct 25: The Flapper, Birmingham, UK

Oct 26: The Victoria, Dalston, London, UK

Oct 28: Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oct 29: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nov 01: Acud, Berlin, Germany

Nov 02: Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany

Nov 03: Kleiner Klub, Saarbrücken, Germany

Nov 05: Covo Club, Bologna, Italy

Nov 25-27: Paradise Festival, Lake Mountain, Australia 



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