Wicked Songs: Turbine Blue by Seekae

So this is what I’m listening to on Friday night, just got home for a Radiohead ballet dance show. Then found one of my fave Aussie bands from a few years ago has just released first new song in two years. Alex Cameron has been doing his solo thing and I think the others guys have done something too. Sydney based Seekae have had three albums before this, the first two was some of the best electronic music from the late 2000’s and early 2010’s in my opinion but the third one was a bit disappointing, adding Cameron as the lead singer unsuccessful.

The debut album from 2008 had one of the greatest albums titles of all-time The Sound Of Trees Falling On PeopleIn 2011 follow-up came under the title +Dome and then unluckily three The Worry in 2014 but who know’s maybe others might like it better. I do think this new one works much better than anything on that last album but once again it’s just my opinion. Turbine Blue is just been released as a stand alone single/song for the moment but that was the case last time, the first track called Another was released months before anything else. The track was written and recorded in Berlin at the Funkhaus Studio.


Update (14/10/16) so yesterday we got a video clip for the song 🙂

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