Cover Versions: Nick Cave/Rowland S. Howard’s Songs Live @ Community Cup 2011/Elsternwick Park

Well, here’s yet more Cave/Howard tracks that have been covered, some live versions this time, half a dozen in fact! Am I building a bit a data base or something here? So in Melbourne there was an Aussie Rules footy game called Community Cup at Elsternwick Park which is where local bands/artists vs local radio/media. This one was now was five years ago were the Espy Rockdogs thrashed the RRR/PBS Megahertz. More importantly happening at this footy game is some bands play and do some covers too so that year was songs by Nick Cave and Rowland S. Howard. These are only videos I’ve ever seen of it and are pretty good so I’ve share them here you in my Nick Cave month.

The songs are originally from all different times: 4 by The Bad Seeds with two from 96’s Murder Ballads album Wild Rose and Henry Lee, Beautiful is from 2004’s Abattoir/Orpheus double album, Jack is from 94’s Let Love In album, Joe is 82’s Junkyard album by The Birthday Party, Shivers from 78’s Door Door album by The Boys Next Door.

You Am I – There She Goes, My Beautiful World

Tumbleweed – Jangling Jack

The Rebelles – Shivers 

The Rebelles – DeannaWhere The Wild Roses Grow with Dan Sultan

Red Rockets Of Borneo – Dead Joe

The Mercy Kills – Henry Lee

Yet again here’s The DronesDan Luscombe who played in the winning Rockdogs team that year holding an Aussie rules football, if you never seen one? The AFL grand final is coming at the start of next month too, you know? I think I enjoy the top two tracks the most, maybe that’s only because they’re the more well known bands here in Australia or should I say I know them well but Shivers is so great too!


 So what did you think of these live covers then? Who wants more even Cave covers?

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