Wicked Songs: Jonny (ft. Jonny) by Powell, that’s Jonnine Standish from HTRK

Well, yesterday the second new track by Powell was released and it also is the second track to feature Jonnine Standish from HTRK. Powell’s debut album Sport is out on October 14 which now I’m really looking forward too. Is there going to be anymore Standish? I don’t know?

This new video seems to made by asking fans to headbutt watermelons, who knows why that? Maybe because it’s looks ridiculous and silly! He put up a billboard with his email address on it lately so anyone can ask him anything, he answered one email with the announcement of this coming new album.

I’ve been intro to him by way of HTRK’s Jonnine Standish which the main image here and not watermelon headbutts, this photo of Standish was the one used inside the booklet for the album by Rowland S. Howard’s Pop Crimes which she also featured on singing too. You know I did write a much longer post last time which is here.



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