New Music: La Araña es La Vida by Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds

Well, here’s my post about another new album months after the release date. It was out way back in at the end of April and I picked it up at the gig in Aug. along with pretty much the whole back catalog too. It would be one of the best gigs of the year for me so you guess it. It’s became one of my most played albums in the last couple of months and most likely one of the albums of this year so I’m going to just have to write something about it here. Now I did wrote alot about who Kid Congo is on that post so not to repeat myself here again, check that out or his own blog is here too, if you don’t know?

In bed with Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds

So he’s a former Bad Seeds and this album is like the poplar opposite to say Skeleton Tree album and somehow both albums have been in my five disc player at the same time for a while now, so is that mad or not? His/their style would be garage rock maybe a bit of punk thrown in but is that just the same style? I don’t know if I care that much about styles of music just as long as it good or like this album: great stuff! The second song in Coyote Conundrum has the lyrics that start with “We’ll have a good time and we want it to be real, we want a changed mind with body, legs that scream” and that’s pretty much an great way to describe what the hell is going on here on this album, it’s great fun, party of an album. I remember jumping up and down alot, doing the pogo at the gig too. “I’m seeing disembodied heads” is what Kid is singing about in Ricky Ticky Tocky but I don’t know quoting any of lyrics with help anyone one out here really because some of makes little sense but who cares about that anyway if you just wanna rock out? And couple instrumental tracks as well are on it just to prove you don’t need words too. It’s got to be four and a half out of five album or just in numbers 4.5/5. I notices they just played Jack White’s Nashville Third Man records venue just last weekend gone!

La Araña es La Vida track listing:

1. Psychic Future – 3:47
2. Coyote Conundrum – 3:40
3. Nine Mile Blubber Pile – 2:33
4. Magic Machine – 4:04
5.  Ricky Ticky Tocky – 4:33
6. Karate Monkey – 2:33
7. La Araña – 2:13
8.  We Love You – 4:01
9.  Anything To Say – 3:14
10. Escapetism – 3:25
11. Chicano Studies – 3:49
12. Five Points/Howards End/Nasty Hat – 10:35

Two album cover album artworks are available, the kind-off 3D vinyl.


and/or just the green/yellow out-lined CD album cover but I don’t know why they’re different?


So anybody else out there that loves this album as much as me?


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