Cover Versions: The Saints’ Messin’ With The Kid by Gareth Liddiard & Adalita + Bob Dylan’s Oh Sister by The Drones + Wicked Songs: Love Is The Armour by Magic Dirt

Messin’ With The Kid by Gareth Liddiard & Adalita

Oh Sister by The Drones feat. Adalita

Love Is The Armour by Magic Dirt feat. Gareth Liddiard

Well, that’s three tracks that included both Gareth Liddiard & Adalita and/or those are all the songs that have Magic Dirt and The Drones singers on vocals together. These two Aussie musos are two of my faves so after the Rockwiz post a few days ago, I was just going to do the second duet Gaz did on that TV show but just have to put all the stuff they have done together in one easy place. So I can just come here if I want to listen/watch them. Does that make sense? If anyone else wants too that’s cool by me.

Track one Love Is The Armour is a co-written song Magic Dirt did with Liddiard in late 2000’s and can be found on a couple of MD’s EP’s but easiest one to find is the last release the band put out called The White Boy EP, that’s the cover too on the video too. Track two Messin’ With The Kid is the Rockwiz duet of the Ed Kuepper/Chris Bailey co-written classic song by The Saints from their 1977 debut album (I’m) Stranded, most likely my fave track of theirs maybe just because Ed’s played it a few of times I’ve seen him live. Track three Oh Sister is an encore when Adalita supported The Drones a few years ago now and they started doing an old Bob Dylan song from his 1975 album Desire. That’s if you want to know? Below is them on Rockwiz TV show in late 2000’s BTW that’s The Drones guitar player Dan Lumscombe older brother playing drums, Pete Lumscombe.



Bonus track My Generation they’re singing the first bit too on The Who by way of Patti Smith’s My Generation cover with Jen Cloher & Courtney Barnett singing on the last bit but I’ve written a whole blog post about that gig last year, check it out here if you haven’t yet!

I’ve seen two of the four songs played live which is pretty good going I think! So I what to know what’s your fave Magic Dirt and/or The Drones song/s are? Or have you never heard of them? I going to be writing more about both these band really soon so if your fan or not you’ll be find out more right here or you could just google them right now!


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