Playlist: Recovery with Blues Explosion, Dirty Three, Public Enemy, Magic Dirt and so much more

Intro: Here’s yet another Aussie music TV show, this one is no longer around anymore but it was on 9AM  Saturday morning so it’s that right now and seems I did a posts about CountDown and RockWiz I might as well do one about Recovery. It is the 20th anniversary  of the show and I made this playlist awhile ago now before those posts when the two old hosts of the show did a night on the Rage TV show, oh done a few posts about Rage with HTRK and The Drones guest programmers and even myself too! Anyway it seems I didn’t hit the publish bottom then so your getting it now, OK?

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Wail, 2Kindsa Love & Flavor

Dirty Three – Sue’s Last Ride

Dirty Three – Authentic Celestial Music + Interview

Public Enemy – Soundcheck live on nation TV

Public Enemy – He’s Got Game & Shake Your Booty + Interview

Magic Dirt – She-Riff

Magic Dirt – Rabbit With Fangs

Magic Dirt – I Was Cruel

Ed Kuepper – All Of These Things

The Paradise Motel – Daniel

Antenna – Come On Spring

Kim Salmon & The Surrealists – I Won’t Tell

The Fauves – Dogs Are The Best People

Gerling – Death To The Apple Gerls

Dave Graney ‘N’ The Coral Snakes – Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Where I Hide

The Mark Of Cain – Interloper

Regurgitator – Black Bugs + Interview

Regurgitator – ! (The Song Formerly Known As)

You Am I – Heavy Heart

Sonic Youth – Sunday

Outro: So those are all my biggest highlights in one spot which are alot more than say that other show with the guy wearing a big dumb hat but I guess in the 90’s we got Dylan Lewis, I don’t know that’s any better really? So anyway when this show Recovery was on I was a teenage by then so my taste is a bit different. Once again a lot of Aussie bands because it was an Aussie show, I guess but three Yank bands are above too. I don’t know if I need write about each band now, sooner or later they all will most likely get more posted about them here on my thingy, some I’ve even already got posts about them.


So who else remembers this mad show? So what was your fave bit from it?

Edit (12/10/16) so after like posting this only four days ago ABC have now got a two CD/Two DVD 20th Anniversary of Recovery release with a deluxe edition with 20 tracks each on the CD’s and 40 songs each on the DVD’s so I might have to get it just for old time sake!


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