Cover Versions: The Best Worst Nick Cave Cover Song of All-Time by…

Well, it’s been one month of listening to Skeleton Tree! Anyway I really do love this cover even if it’s really shit but it’s been called the worst a lot of times by everyone and anyone who’s listen to it! I’m just warning you before you press the play, if you do it could ruin this track for you forever.

It’s the song Breathless from The Bad Seeds’ 2004’s epic double album Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus. I really do enjoy covers were most people don’t seem to like any covers, what do you think about it? Do you think I posted to much under this blog post title Cover Versions? Should I give it a bit of a break for a while or stop altogether? Or just keep posting cover tracks? I love how other artists interpreted songs written by someone else, even actors who think they’re singers like this one, is that odd? Russell Crowe pretty much destroys this track but it’s so bad it’s just so great, he somehow makes Cave’s lyrics sound so cheesy!

So what do you think of Rusty’s version too? I love it! Do you?

2005 AFI Craft Awards

So here’s Nick Cave and Russell Crowe above in 2005 at a Aussie award show with all smiles. I might now included a live version of Red Right Hand from that same award show which Rusty hosted and intros Cave below:

That’s Aussie guitar player Kim Salmon from The Scientists soloing there, The Bad Seed bass player Marty Casey but god knows who the drummer is, do you know?

So is Breathless by Crowe the best worst Nick Cave cover? You got another one better/worse than that?


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  1. Not sure if I could ever ‘love’ Russell Crowe’s version, or any of his music for that matter, but thanks for sharing. I think Crowe brings out the cheese that Cave only hinted at in this track. As far as covers of this song go, I prefer Cat Power’s version (perhaps even more than Cave’s original):

    My vote for best worst Nick Cave cover goes to Denis Walter for his version of The Ship Song. I remember him performing this on some daytime TV program with Kerri-Anne Kennerley hosting. This was sometime in the early nineties when I was only beginning to become aware of Nick Cave, and found this whole song choice and performance somewhat confusing/amusing. Enjoy!

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