Cover Versions: 6 Songs from Velvet Underground & Nico Album performed Live by Regurgitator & Seja @ NGV


Well, I was going to post this awhile ago but I think I got side track with something else so it’s getting done today. Yesterday Regurgitator was included in the line-up for Hobart, Tasmania MOFO’s festival playing a encore show of the classic album by The Velvet Underground & Nico which was played at NGV played earlier this year at the exhibition for Andy Warhol & Ai Weiwei. I did see that plus got to see Xylouris White gig at the art gallery but missed this one by a few weeks or something. Should I just go to Tassie next year to see it live? It’s a great line-up again, I wish I’ve gone to some of the past ones too. Next year tētēma which is Mike Patton‘s new project is playing the night before too, just one pretty amazing act that’s playing with so much more on too.

So this is pretty much half the album below, all the video clips I could find but you would think who ever it is recording these would have done all of it seems strange to do half-a-dozen and the rest are missing. Well, I can’t never been fucked to ever take a photo let or alone a video at a gig, I’m always in the moment and forget to do anything like that. So I guess it’s kind-off cool some got recorded, in this case half the show. Maybe someone else with recorded the missing songs next year.

Sunday Morning (track #1)

I’m Waiting For The Man (track #2)

Venus In Furs (track #4)

Run, Run, Run (track #5)

All Tomorrow’s Parties (track #6)

Heroin (track #7)

Released in 1967 the album called The Velvet Underground & Nico is pretty much a classic album now. Making it 50 years old next year and it’s been now three years since Lou Reed passed away too, amazing to think about that. If you haven’t seen these I hope you like/enjoy these versions! I asked late time if anyone wanted me to stop with all these cover posts/pages but I’m guessing again your all loving them? Do you love these too?

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