Remembering: Fergus Miller + Cover Versions: 6 old/early Beck Songs


😥 I’ve just write something about this very sad news, yesterday it was announced Fergus Miller of the Aussie act Bored Nothing passed away on the Sunday just gone at the young age of 26 following his battle with depression, which is a very nice way to say suicide. I don’t know if I have say here before but I suffer from depression and some days are really hard but things like this really hit me real hard, as soon as I found out about this last night I when straight to bed and well, anyway I should be talking about him not me.

He mainly recorded under Bored Nothing with the self titled album released about four years ago now and followed by an album called Some Songs in 2014. Also he did have alot of other projects/names since then like say including Pansy, Wedding Ring Bells, Milkshake and Revenge Surgery which featured Anna from Major Leagues, the Major Leagues broken the news of his passing. So the last original track under the name or by Bored Nothing on his Bandcamp page before these Beck covers is called/named Suicide Ballad which is pretty intense listening now, it’s date unknown too.

One Ferg In The Grave track listing and times

1. Asshole – 2:36
2. It’s All In Your Mind – 2:24
3. Girl Dreams – 2:06
4. Cyanide Breath Mint – 1:39
5. Satan Gave Me A Taco – 3:31
6. Pay No Mind (Snoozer) – 2:46

Yeah I looked at his Bandcamp page this morning, found these Beck covers uploaded on Nov. of last year titled One Ferg In The Grave re-naming Beck’s old/early album. Not all the songs are from that Beck album One Foot In The GravePay No Mind (Snoozer) is most likely my all-time fave Beck song which was from the break though album Mellow GoldSatan Gave Me A Taco is from Stereopathetic Soulmanure album, which all three of those albums was released in 1994, amazing three albums in one year. Then he did re-recorded It’s All In Your Mind for 2002’s Sea Change album but was on the deluxe reissue of One Foot album. Anyway it seems like the right thing to post here with this bad news to kind-off of-set it because Beck’s songs always make my smile even his most unhappy songs and/or something like that, if you know what mean?

So that two Cover Version posts/pages in a row, is that cool by everyone?


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