Wicked Songs: Too Late To Die Young by Lost Animal

So here’s a new track for Jarrod Quarrell’s Lost Animal, who just got to be Australia greatest under rated songwriter ever. After the first track/video Do The Jerk dropped a little while ago and the new album coming out on the 21st of this month. It’s time to have a listen a second track before the whole new album is out, the album is called You Yang and can still be pre-order here too.

This was out a few days ago so I’m a bit slow posting it up here but I’ve been side track a bit. It’s a wicked new track by this guy, I really can’t wait for the new album and you should too. You know it’s been a long time coming and it’s been five years since the debut which I’m writing something about that now and post it in a few days times, fingers-crossed. Yesterday was announced the weekend of the new album coming out he’s doing a record shop crawl/in-store performs in Melbourne, if your lucky to live there go along because I would if I could! I love his guy and one of the greatest songwriter in the country right now and needs to be more well know really too!


Don’t forget to stay turn for more Lost Animal here next week! Hope you enjoy it so what did you think of Too Late To Die Young?


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