Cover Versions: Elliott Smith’s Condor Ave by Jesu/Sun Kil Moon

I just got to post this new cover track here now. This song is by far the most interesting and radical cover on the new Elliott Smith tribute. I really wanted to like the rest more but this one just jumps or leaps out from the rest. Mark is a fave so it’s no surprise and he’s done so much covers previously it’s just getting a bit silly now but this is so different to anything he’s done before. This Jesu/Sun Kil Moon collaboration could be come some of his best stuff he’s ever done so you know the second album by them is coming mid way next year after the debut earlier this year.

The music is by Justin Broadrick which is Jesu and sung by Mark Kozelek who’s Sun Kil Moon, if you want to know. So this style of music is pretty new from Mark, I guess his other collaboration with Album Leaf’s Jimmy LaValle intro it into his music a few years ago now but this Jesu collaboration takes it to a whole new level. Alot of the other covers on the album do Smith’s acoustic guitar music thing and not so far from the original tracks, Kozelek has done that before, remember this is the guy who did a whole album and some of acoustic re-works of AC/DC songs.


So does anyone else like this cover as much as me? Or not?


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