Wicked Songs: Mars Theme by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Just when you think that’s it for Nick Cave & Warren Ellis this year!

I can’t bloody wait! The full score will be released on November 11.

Mars track listing is:

1. Mars Theme
2. Mars
3. Daedalus
4. Earth
5. Science
6. Voyage
7. Space X
8. Space Station
9. Symphony of the Dead
10. Planetarium
11. Aftermath
12. Towards Daedalus
13. Life on Mars


Mars is a fictional series that tells the story of the first astronaut crew on a mission to Mars in 2033. The show will also feature interviews with actual scientific experts. The six episodes, set to air on the National Geographic Channel; Mars is directed by Everardo Gout and produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.

Edit (15/11/16) It seems the psychical release is NOT happening until early next year but you can download or stream it right now.

Warren & Nick on Mars doing some research! 

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